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Chatteris Tesco

Given the mass sacking of the FDC planning committee does anybody know what the state of play is regarding the proposed Tesco build?

Has the new proposal for the bigger been approved or is it still pending or dead?


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Colin T
The Whittlesey fiasco has no effect on the Chatteris development, which is going ahead as planned.  For a range of views from Chatteris residents about its impact on the town you might like to look at:
Steve J
Colin, thanks for your response.
The Whittlesey fiasco has more than a whiff of impropriety about it regarding certain relationships between FDC / Harrier Developments / Icis Consulting and certain councillors.
Should there be a "proper" investigation it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that there could be consequences for other proposed developments.
Harrier Developments and Icis Consulting have a finger in many development pies which could be affected.
Catherine M
Apparently Chatteris Tesco has been held up due to re-routing of 20ft drain. I was dismayed but not surprised by what happened in Whittlesey and would like there to be an independent investigation. I shall wait to see if this will end up in court. I would say that locals wouldn't appreciate a rise in their council tax to pay for it but judging by the level of apathy in Fenland I'm starting to wonder if anyone actually cares.
Steve J
Vested interests are at work, certainly in the case of Whittlesey, and those concerned have got carried away just a little too much and the fallout could well have derailed the gravy train.
I started looking at this from the Chatteris / Tesco perspective, then the Whittlesey fiasco broke which exposed the situation in a major way.
There are some suspect relationships between councillors and developers and questions to be answered, whether this happens openly or not is another matter.

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