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Book exchange club

Still not had much feedback on my idea of a free exchange of books anyone interested ?


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Pat T
I would be interested as I think it is a good idea x
Roger G
I hear there's an informal book exchange at the Harbour View cafe.
Wendy R
That's quite interesting but I was. Thinking about people who are not able to go out and about much
Wendy R
Thanks Pat do you have an e mail mine is bungybugs @yahoo,co,uk
Roger G
Sorry, didn't see your original message.
Wendy R
Hi Pat
I will e mail you maybe between us we can come up with some ideas how to start it up
Hi All,
Just to let you know we have a book stall at our Monthly Coffee mornings & Craft / Table Top Sales at Wesley Hall 1st Sat of each month.
This could be a Book Exchange Table or buy a book for 25p if you don't have one to exchange.
Our next one is the 2nd March 9am til 1.30pm
Call me on 07772947199 if you want to chat about the idea.
Wendy R
Thanks for your comment but my idea was to help people who cant get out and about and help them to meet their neighbours

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