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I pod

Good morning, I found an I pod on Spixworth road this morning if any one has lost one.


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Liz B
what a lovely honest person you are! And what a wonderful medium Streetlife is to make it possible for all us locals to be connected like this. Brilliant!
Lynn F
Yes, Streetlife is a great idea.  Amanda G you are a lovely person.
Amanda G
Thanks for your nice comments, I have now taken it to Sprowston police station.
I reckon it could be this one? As apparently they came along the Spixworth Rd. I haven't rang the number as I don't know if the one that was found was blue, over to you Amanda G.
Amanda G
Hi John, 
Thanks for letting me know I have spoken to his dad and it isn;t  the one. I think the owner of the one I found  is an older person going by the music on it but it was worth a try.

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