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Talk Talk internet

Is anyone else having trouble with theit Talk Talk broadband connection? Ours is constantly going down several times a day.
I'm with Colins Pet Care


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Yes!  My problems started earlier this year after many years trouble free.  I raised a call with TT who said they would look into it and within a day or two, the connection seemed more stable.  However, since then, the problem recurs regularly.  Some days it's fine, others there can be constant drop outs over say a couple of hours, then it's OK again.  It is particularly annoying as I run my own business and need a fail safe method of receiving/sending e-mails.  I am not sufficiently technical to know if it's the modem box, the Wi-Fi connection or the BT line at fault or if it's just an overloaded exchange.  Judging by the huge increase in the number of connections in the vicinity especially in the last year, I suspect it is the latter.  As suggested by the TT helpdesk, I plugged the modem directly into a phone socket rather than via an extension lead but that really made no difference.
Colin W
Does anyone else have trouble with other providers?
I'm with Colins Pet Care
I,ve been with TalkTalk for many years and can,t fault it I get a good speed (average 10mb) and over the past 3 years have experienced possibly 3 occasions of no service due to problems in the national network. 
Michelle D
I have also been with talk talk for years. I have experienced noticeably a lot more over the last couple of months. My broadband speed has become so slow that basically everything is continually streaming. This is very frustrating to say the least!
Colin W
Seems its a bit hit and miss with Talk Talk in Wymondham.
I'm with Colins Pet Care
Sue R
Interesting - I always thought it was just a problem with me!  Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 attempts to connect and I assumed it was a fault at my end until a couple of weekends ago when we had no phone line at all.  I phoned Talk Talk and discovered there was a problem in the area, however 48 hours later I discovered that other Talk Talk customers had been connected but my line was still out of order.  Following another phone call to them lasting over an hour they insisted the problem was at my end and would send out an engineer at a cost of £50 - then a miracle happened, I was instantly connected.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Now thinking of changing provider.
Geoffrey H
I've only had trouble these last couple of weeks. I've not phone the provider,I believe it's got something to
do with all the stormy weather  we have recently
Tina V
We are in North Wym on Plusnet and apart from the very infrequent (as in countable on one hand in the past 4-5 months) it's good and cheap too.

It did also drop when we used the landline and the net together but that's stopped now.
Mark B
I was with TalkTalk for a very short time, got very poor connectivity in central wym. In the end they said 'I was too close to the exchange'!! and asked me to go back to BT! TT gave me the worst customer care that I have ever had. If you look on the web there are so many facebook/blogs/customer satisfaction groups against them that I don't think we are alone. I would move to plusnet if I were you, they have been good (part of BT but better!). Before you switch any of your services do a web search first - it could save you a lot of bother, thats what I do now after my experience with TT.
Josie B
That's interesting, Mark. I too used to be with TT and their customer "care" was apalling. We were several months waiting for internet connection which was promised many times but nothing happened. I would never go back to them if they paid me. BT is much better: reliable and hardly any problems, put right quickly when they do occur.
I agree with Josie,
I've been with BT broadband from the start and there service if you have a problem is very good ,there also very understanding when you get a bit confused at what they are tiring to explain to you and believe me I need that 😃🐾
Colin M
I was with BT. I had lots of problems, which to be fair they always made a good attempt to solve. Eventually after many attempts they found it was a problem with their connection/exchange. After 10 years I thought I would change provider, in my case to Sky as I subscribed to Sky Tv. I also change to their phone service too. I am usually sceptical when doing anything like this and think something is bound to go wrong. Could not have been further from truth. Sky have been brilliant, changeover seamless and two years down the line continuously better and reliable connectivity.
Danny Pickwell
I have a similar problem with Talk Talk. Find customer service is OK, but internet is so slow for this day and age. What can we do about it, would love fibre, sadly I cannot see that happening in Hethel. May be the Engineering centre could bring fibre broad band into the area.
Colin W
Seems talk talk is not good in the wymondham area, new provider me thinks.
I'm with Colins Pet Care
Danny Pickwell
Yes but who? Talk Talk change your line to LLP (whatever that means) so if you go with BT say, you have to re apply for a new line. Good old Talk Talk.
Chris K
I was with virgin and loads of problems  changed to BT,Still not good.  It,s not your provider it's the rubbish telephone lines out of Wymondham. Why is it Heathsett has super fast broadband and we don't?
Oli W
ADSL connect speed is all about distance from the exchange and the line quality. Considering Wymondham's is buried right down in Fairland Street, a lot of residential properties will be more than a mile from it. Increase that to over two miles (as some of you are) and you're going to see shoddier service.

If things are just slow, the best speed boost I can suggest is plugging your router into the first telephone socket in your house -- where the phone line comes in -- and getting rid of as many extension lines. Don't use an extension or long cable between the router and socket. Following that advice alone, I've seen people go from 1.2mbps to ~4mbps and from 14mbps to 22mbps (us!).

If you're getting random disconnects and hangs, talk to your ISP. My experience is with Talktalk. They can put you on a slightly slower but more robust connection profile. Similarly, if you're on a really good connection, you can ask for a lower-latency profile (for gaming, etc).

And if you can hear static on the line, that's going to really trash your connection. Report it as a fault. You'll have to do this through the people who you hire the line off (usually the ISP these days) and they'll call out Open Reach. Only do this if there is a demonstrable problem though because if they turn up and there's nothing audible,  they're going to try to charge you £150 for a call-out fee. If there is a problem and they find and fix it, it's free.


But yeah, I don't think this is something unique to Talktalk. Obviously cable-to-the-home is going to be most stable but having been an NTL customer in Norwich for a few years, a decade ago, they certainly have their share of problems too. 6pm and everything slows all the way down. They're way over capacity.

What I will say against Talktalk (and a lot of ISPs, Virgin included) is that if you do know about networking and you do have a problem, jumping through the technical support "have you tried turning it off and on again" hoops is infuriating. The people on the phones are really just reading a script and you're often a couple of levels away from talking to somebody who really knows their stuff.
Thanks that is helpful. I haven't had any problems with my BT account but if I do I will remember what you said!
Dirty D
My wife used to do that.
Chris K
she still might .you just know where.
Alan C
I work in I.T. and over many years I've used them all - BT, TalkTalk, Orange, AOL (aka A.O. Hell) and many others. The principle is that they all use the same BT infrastructure, the exchanges and cables, but the Internet Provider is the point of contact when things go wrong. In my experience, BT are the worst; they are very departmentalised and often you get passed from pillar to post, and, in one bizarre case, sent round in circles.
In answer to 'who then?', I checked the Which? Magazine surveys and found Waitrose pretty good, but they were topped by Utility Warehouse, maintaining a top 3 status consistently over years for customer service. I am using them now and I've been so impressed with their service and prices, I've become one of their resellers. Sorry, I don't want this to sound like a TV commercial, but do check out and if anyone wants to switch broadband providers, get in touch with me and I'll even manage the changeover for you for free.
Colin W
Could well be interested in that.
I'm with Colins Pet Care
I was a Talk Talk customer for many years and didn't really have a problem until we moved to a new house in Wymondham. We kept loosing connection a lot. We switched to Sky as we have TV with them and fingers crossed it is a lot better.
I'm with Puff's Toy Shop
At our shop we have BT and it works fine too.
I'm with Puff's Toy Shop
Chris K
I think Oli W&Alan C have got it correct . It's the cable infrastructure that is the main problem. all the providers have to rely on BT to  the deliver the signal to your home and if you'r like me 5 miles from Wymondham  you can forget it!! [Even though the PM said we would get  it]

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