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princess road great yarmouth

can somebody tell me why so many supermarkets are allowed in princess rd i count off my head 6-7 of them. im sure there are rukes the council states about having to uch competition in same rd. if any council member is on this site maybe they could clarify? as i can remember 2 years ago i wanted to open a business in yarmouth and was told there to many of similar as what i wanted to do.


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Paul A
I think with these big supermarkets it might be the cash gift they give to the council. Sadly this is why businesses like yours always gets pushed out and then the old high street's end up with no shops just banks estate agents and take always.
Hope what ever your business is you get the chance to prove the council wrong for not letting you open up where you wanted.
Holly H
What supermarkets are on Princes Road? Do you mean mini markets? And do you mean Wellesley Road  or Middlegate and little tacky shops ? I thought Princes Road was a nice road of decent small hotels and B & Bs and should remain so-too much of the nice parts of the sea front is descending into slums of former holiday trade buildings now in multiple occupancy by residential tenants  or grubby little take aways and the owners of nice businesses and homes dont know when theirs is going to be devalued by what is done with the next door building. It is no wonder some holiday makers don't come back.
If you asked why are so many shops open on King Street selling 3 tins of beans and some bottled drinks you might be asking a more pertinent question about whether they are real shops or laundering money or providing a not quite genuine contract of employment for people wanting to move to Yarmouth.
I agree with Paul A-HSBC should never have been allowed to move into the central retail area and should have been obliged to stay in the banking area. Now if the town picks up it is one less shop unit on the main shopping street.
Tre W
I think he means Kings street and St Peters road. 7 mini markets on the same road? 
Holly H
Possibly. I have no idea how planning rules work-years ago there used to be designated business and holiday industry districts which were protected  from change of use by planning restraints. Is suspect that now competition and  lots of shops being the same is not a factor that councils are allowed to consider over highways noise smell etc. Other wise we would not have so many charity shops bookies and loan shops. St Peters Rd had several small shop units even years ago when the bus station was there but it and Kings Street are certainly getting like streets near universities in northern cities these days-lots of takeaways and shoe string shops and nothing looked after nicely.It drags an area down, all this chancing the arm with a flea bitten business.
On that subject next time you are in town raise your eyes and look at the first and upper floors of Burtons. It is a disgrace and the council should serve an  enforcement notice-broken windows and boarded up, it looks terrible. In fact many of the buildings which are occupied by national chains and those which are owned by absentee landlords look terrible above the ground floor and are not being looked after, including those which should be listed. This all makes our town look like a dump and has to be one of the things that deters holiday makers from returning year after year in the way they used to. If every shop building owner was made to follow the example of Palmers and Normans it would be alright
John L
I think we all need to realise that the only reason small shops close and supermarkets thrive is because that is the way we all shop. I am just as guilty as the rest. The same applies to the sea front. People just do not want the old half board in a small tatty hotel/guest house any more. Hence the owners have no choice but to change to residential. Most of us have cars and internet now and the way we live has changed forever. I think we just have to adapt to the change. How many of us are willing to go back to the days when mother stayed home and bought the days food every day from the local butcher, baker and grocer. I'm afraid too many of us have voted with our feet to go back now to how things were.
sorry holly tre is correct i mean kings st st peters rd areas i mean st peters has so many mini markets how can they compete and remain open??? maybe some of the suggestions are correct re the actual use of these shops? their purpose for remaining open when its plain to see they cannot e making a profit surely?
I tried with council to look at opening a vegitarian coffee shop / diner and was given only limited areas i was offered and these were very high rate. the area i looked at broad row i was told there would be to much competition on the eating areas there at the time. yet the portugese opened a cafe months after i was told no. then i go to st peters rd and see as stated the amount of mini marts and now in nelson rd from regent rd to euston rd there are 3 mini marts? all within walking distance of each other i cannot understand this? also aas to John L point he raised i was in discussion with a group the other day re this local butcher baker etc. yes some people have voted with their feet and now paying the price. I am a vegitarian and see that the way the supermarkets stock meat sell meat source meat all the welfare appears to be going out the window for the poor animal as well as the consumer.and so a return to a butcher who knows his meat provinance and source. the grocer who would state fresh this morning where as the supermarkets sell fruit and veg with very questionable sources.and the whole animal welfare for food products has gone well out the window. and this has a lot to do with supermarkets and their cheap as possible approach does put strain on the meat rearing industry, our farmers etc have hard time due to this consumer madness and yes even though im gulity of using the supermarkets due to price of the product i would welcome approach to the GENUINE SHOPKEEPERS return

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