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Police Contact, What a task!

Now, I respect our police force 100% cause they have to do a difficult dirty un-rewarding job. But has anybody tried reporting a crime?
I want to the Station (Civic Drive) to report fraud, cause I was stitched up big time.
the chap at the desk wasn't what I'd say "Helpful" just saying its common! which I didn't need to know.

Anyway all he did was give me the address on the web to report it to. even my bank didn't help cause it was a  "Bank transfer" all they said was did I read the small print!!

Anyways a friend and myself have found out ever little detail regarding the fraudsters like his location (Scotland)  even where he drinks, pictures the lot, got this this info in print so I thought I'd forward it to the police ......

Errrr not as easy as it sounds!  Phoned the police in Scotland (Aberdeen) forgot its Sunday ... I'll say no more on that, so phoned the Suffolk police on 101 what a laugh this really is, I was transfered to Suffolk police put on hold then they cut me off !!! this was after 6 minutes.. no wonder this country is in such a state .....  ;-]]


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I gave up on the police years ago,they are not interested in helping at all. You say they are "unrewarded", but they are paid well above average,retire early on big pensions.
Bill T inactive
lol that 101 number is staffed by bloody idiots
Mr Fruitgum
Try contacting the new suffolk police commissioner I know that Watchfull on here did and got a response at 9pm from him at night by email
Glen T
You might have more luck speaking to the local safer neighbourhood team if it's during the day. The direct numbers are off the Suffolk police website. If not ring 101 and ask for a diary appointment.
Reg S
I had £30 taken from my account barks did not care nobody in the bank care so know I do not bank with Barcs any more and nobody. To me to report it to the law
Andrew R
Hi Ivor,

We've also been victim of fraud involving a bank transfer, however we have had more luck with Surrey police who have acted on bank details we supplied and removed PC's, Laptops and mobile phones from the alleged fraudsters home.

That said, it happened back in August and is still not resolved, it was referred to their dedicated fraud team and we were visited by a local Ipswich officer to make a statement but I think there is so much of it at the moment that resources are simply not available on low level cases.

We found the same guy continuing with the same online scam which has helped interest in the case but the problem is he is still taking large sums of money from unsuspecting victims and also ruining what should be a very special time for families who have saved up all year.

I've had an online business for over 14 years and thought I'd seen just about every scam, just goes to show that even those experienced can be duped!
I'm with Phones Limited
Kathie J
Kayfo, don't you think that people who risk their lives everyday deserve a good wage? If you listen to the news you will know that they (along with public sector workers) have had their wages frozen and their pension cut. Maybe the bigwigs at the top are doing okay for money, but the cops on the street get no such thing!
I thought fraud related at a recent transaction on my account until I was informed that anyone you give your
card details out to can set up direct debits out of your account. So, thinking I was making a one off donation
payment followed on with the same the next month and would have carried on if I wasn't someone who
checked their statements.So always ask and make sure that this isn't going to happen to you.
Reg S
hi i check all my out goings and the high light them
Ivor H
Well ..... The police didn't turn up last night!  did I really expect them to ..... not really.  So I decided to give the Suffolk police commissioner a go. emailed him last night got a reply back this morning saying he'd get back when he has a reasonable answer to my request!!!  it wasn't a request, I was asking him to get  the police to investigate the fraud.
I mean I've done most of the donkey work for them, I know where the fraudster is, the pubs he uses even who cuts his hair !! now I want the strong arm of the "LAW" to do their part .....

IS THIS ASKING TO MUCH ....... ! ;-]]
Reg S
Perhap you should get a black Maria. Into those day of the b/m. his feet would not have touched the ground
Honesty may hurt
Kathie j
Police get paid a huge amount more than soldiers.
Many Private sector workers have had to take pay cuts just to keep their jobs, it's the private sector that makes money for this country unlike the public sector who just provide a service. Unless they are on a t break.
Kathie J
When you look at Soldiers pay in relation to how they are trained you have to take into account, accommodation, utility usage and food. So it is comparative. Life is about more than just making money. It's more than just providing a service it is making a difference to and saving lives.
Reg S
They choose to be coppers but that does not mean they should not get a good wage still I will lend them my 25p rise lol. But this lot at downing .
still give away millions Surly charity begins at home what they give to ether country finish up as guns
Honesty may hurt
soldiers pay for their own food, utilty bills and they pay rent on accommodation. And me having an ACCIDENT!! I pay towards their WAGES so i EXPECT a  SERVICE! bad thing to provide a service... really.. they get paid to do a job....Quote(Life is about more than just making money. It's more than just providing a service it is making a difference to and saving lives.)So why do they moan about pay?
Kathie J
Because everyone is entitled to a living wage!
Kathie J
And what a happy chap you are Mr Burns Road!
Honesty may hurt
Please stick to your initial comments Kathie J and stop diversing to attacking anyone who does not share your opinion.
Glen T
I'd just like to point out a few opinions and facts.

Everyone thinks they should get paid more. (apart from Bankers)
Starting wage of a PC is about £20k. This is for shift work, where you can often get attacked verbally and physically and most of what you do is criticised by the public and police service. You’re societies dustmen.
The police have a reduction of resources, year on year, so they have to prioritise what they do.
I’m sure the banks and police have an agreement that the banks will deal with most cases.

In my opinion, you probably should have had a phone call or visit by now.

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