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Swimming pool

A second ask (two in one day...oops, but this one isnt for me)  My friend has just completed a course in teaching water aerobics and she has her exam on the 15th December. Between now and then she needs to practise her lesson with music and would desperately love to have access to a pool just for a few days. Can anyone help, please?


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Clare W
Forgot to say the qualification is going to help her teach special needs people in the area with the Great Yarmouth and Waveney Special Olympians.
David G
Have you tried asking any of the holiday centres? they might help, especially as its for a good cause.
know there is a group at the marina centre who go on saturdays i think 8 till 9.30am, called the disability club with a person called jenny, if you contact the marina centre they would be able to give you a contact number, i have been told its any ability from those who wish to lay about in the pool to those who wish to improve their swimming skills

another option with music as well is centre 81 near lawn avanue, great yarmouth

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