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Candidates For Gooshays Election Now Announced

Mick Braun, BNP 
Paul Brown, Residents Association of London 
Marcus Llewellyn Rothschild, Conservatives 
Christine Mcgeary, Labour Party 
Lawrence Webb, ukip 
Darren Wise, Residents Association


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Mark L
Just seen this list and love the conservative candidate, definitely not from Harold Hill
Sam B
have not quite decided who i will vote for yet 

quite good candidates
Mick S
Only one option DARREN WISE. He has already done so much for us in Harold Hill / Wood. Spread the word
Debbie inactive
I really have no idea who I am going to vote for. But I know it won't be conservatives or labour. Is there going to be a debate anywhere with any of the candidates? I would love to hear what they have in their manifesto's.
Mark L, should do some research before you post.

Marcus is from the Hill and actually lives here.

I personally think that your local MP should live in the area they are standing for.
Mick S
Read the Residents Association free newspaper that's delivered to you.
It's then obvious what their manifesto is - representing the residents interests
The only time I get anything from the RA is at election times, I know the free newsletter you speak about but dispite living right in the centre of Harold Hill I don't get one delivered.
Sam B
i have met a few of the candidates on my travels and know they are a decent bunch

I have met darren on a few occasions and is very dedicated to what he does 

You would probably not find you get a bulletin from the residents association as if you live in gooshays they are not as active here as they are in say like harold wood .....

i am sure i will get more leaflets and people knocking at the door during the run up so i will be quizzing them when they do
Michael Y
Marcus Llewellyn Rothchild comes from the hill and lives on the hill?
What school did he go to and what pub dos,e he use.
Bob Perry
Mick S. Obviously an RA supporter. As for their manifesto, three words Potholes, Parking charges and Dog poo. While we are on the subject just what exactly has Derren Wise achieved in Harold hill or Harold Wood for that matter? perhaps you could record them on the back of a stamp. You only have to look at what the Conservatives have achieved on the hill during this administration to make up your mind, the choice is simple, vote for Marcus.
Mark L
Well GR if im wrong then i am sorry but having lived on the Hill all my life a name like that is totally out of place and lets face it wouldn't be the first time someone suddenly got an address in a constituency just before an election would it.
It is not for me to say who you should vote for I do not live on the Hill .But look at the record of the last encumbent and his party .Then ask what did he do for me and I suspect the answer is Nothing.
Now I know he is dead and you have new names.However look at the records of the parties they stand for and ask what have they done for me and again the answer is probably nothing.
Then make sure to get any information about the candidate you think may be for you.
I would only advocate never vote for the same person twice unless they have been exceptional and served you well never let them get comfortable in their seats change them at every election until we get some that actually do something for us.
In Romford the Tories have been a disaster and labour is plagued by cheque book socialists so look at the other parties and get to know the one you may vote for.Do not vote for a name or a party vote for some one who will serve you and knows they will be out if they do not.
Tory administration on the Hill.?  Like selling part of central park to private developers Whitworh centre sold to private developers, causing parking problems by developing all of the garage sites, Proposeing parking charges at Hilldene, No Tory oposition all central party decisions there attitude damn the residents
 Wider decisions such as voteing  on block to close King Georges A&E, Building on Upminster park selling the ice rink for another Supermarket and to hell with the problems that will cause to trafic etc closeing schools across the Borough once again to Sell the land to private Developers
Bob Perry
And what did Labour do for the hill, oh yes forty years of neglect! As for the vile BNP well I rest my case
You can rest your case it still comes down to People representing the interests of LOCAL residents and not just Blind obedeince to The party
Michael Y
Marcus Llewellyn Rothchild cant see anyone on the hill voting for him,his party inflicted the third highest council tax in all of london on the people in Havering,lost £12million to icelandic banks, voted to close down the A&E at King Georges, and sold off the land for another Supermarket nobody wants, on top of that
they are fighting each other at the moment read the recorder (readers letters page)
Mick S
Glad you have rest your case Robert, it's definitely in need of it.
Your typing fingers as well.
Spot on Romfordian
Romfordian Name a Tory councillor who has voted against the party in something significant. It is about party do not vote for a party as bad as the top three.
None come to mind,
Party politics are out of place in local elections even worse when they describe themselves as THE ROMFORD MAFIA
Mark L
Well we all know how torys always vote, they let everything through against the interests of the electorate, but give more people rights ( the gay marriage bill, for example) and they all of a sudden get a conscious but say they are defending the rights of the common people.
 Try again hopefully more people will remember what they have done to the ordinary man and woman in the street and use their vote accordingly.
Lois S
Be honest people they are all as bad as each other, I asked Darren Wise for help a couple of years ago and all I got was a standard response email.. And as for the Tories they have sold nearly all of Harold Hills space off to delevopers!! And the Labour lot just ignored us for years.
Yes very few good ones we have Jeff bless him but few others are worth voting for.The trick is never vote for them twice unless they have actually done some good for you or your community.Vote in the independent he will be useless but at least you can get at him.
time to remember just what the labour and tory parties have done to this country

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