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Hello all - your advice needed!

Hi!  I've just started out in business as a hypnotherapist, and have put together a website, but it is the first time I have ever tried to put a web site together, and I would really appreciate some feedback.  Also I have put a tip for relaxation on my 'about us' page - I know how busy you all are, but if someone could try it out for me and let me know if it works I would be really grateful! 

The site is

Thank you all in advance!



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Pat P
Looks fantastic!

Putting a session on my Christmas list. :)
Jo P
Looks good to me..very easy to  navigate and all the info you would need is there. Well done!
Justin B

Great site! Very calming and gentle..Maybe you could have a links page of like minded and local people? I would be interested in sharing links promoting you and vice versa. Please feel free to look at my site and email me if your interested..
Many Thanks

Justin Brady CeMAP

Mortgage Consultant

Greentree Financial Planning

Flint Cottage

Sawyers Lane




NR18 9JH

Tel 01953 605054

Mob 07763 559366  

Diane M
Thank you Pat!  I'm really pleased you like it - and I really hope someone buys you that session for Christmas, will be good to meet you!

Thank you for taking the time to have a look, I appreciate it
Diane M
...and Jo - really happy you like it.  There were times the laptop nearly ended up out of the window and on the drive! Again, thank you for taking the time to review.
Diane M
Justin - thank you.  I am happy to link to other sites, if anyone else is interested, just send me your link through.  I'll do my best to add yours Justin - I'll just gather my strength to grapple with the web design software!!

Let me know if anyone tries the relaxation therapy tip.  You're all stars!!
Sandra M
Hi Diane.  Had a look at your site - very good!  At first, I thought that the links didn't work because nothing changed on my screen.  Then I realsied that the text beneath the heading picture had changed and I had to scoll down to see it.  (It's just to do with the size of my screen on the laptop.  Perhaps other computers would display a larger portion of the page and then the change would be more evident.) 
Good luck with the business.
Diane M
Many thanks Sandra, I appreciate this.  I've updated the website in light of your comments, hope it's a little easier now. 
Thanks to everyone for your help, its good to know there are people out there willing to take the time and trouble to help out others.
Sandra M
Very clever update!  Yep - no problem with that now.
Diane M
That's great, thank you so much Sandra!
Val K
Hi Diane. I've done usability studies of websites as part of my job and have just a few comments.  I love the colours and think they are particularly apt for your offering.  I also love the use of quotations, they always add depth to what you're saying.

I would prefer the strapline across the picture to stand out a little more either by moving it to an area with less background or by making it a little darker. My personal preference is for a call to action (phone number) to be at the top on every page and put the Facebook link on the contact page.  It all depends on how people are viewing the site (smartphone, tablet, laptop, pc etc) as to how much they can see without scrolling so having your phone number at the top means it's visible at all times.

You need to maintain consistency throughout so have a look at word spacing which appears to vary and how you show a Hyphen - does it have a space before and after or not?  I would also suggest not too many different font sizes.

I noticed a couple of typos on the costs page - 1) after golf, I think it should say big competitions, 2) special relaxation techinques and 3) it should be organisation's strategic vision.

However, I think it's a good site and it's great that you're doing the set up yourself.  It's a massive learning curve isn't it?  We're working on ours at the moment and it is very time consuming.  The thing to remember is that no one site suits everyone, there is no definitive perfect site.  You do what you like, try and get it to reflect who you are and what you represent and hope it says enough about you for someone to pick up the phone.  You aren't selling anything other than a suggestion to act upon what they read. 

Good luck.  Val
Diane M
Hello Val,
Many thanks for your feedback, it was much appreciated.  I have spent today making tweaks to the site, as I have not come across the web builder software before starting this, it has been an eye opener! 
Everyone's feedback has been very helpful.  Especially as I know how busy everyone is. 
Thanks for all of your good luck wishes - watch this space!!
All the best

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