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raf coltishall

norfolk county council have allegedley bought this site for £4 million ,why ?  it infuriates me as there are better things to spend mine and others hard earned taxes on,like crumbling roads cuts to services etc ..  but they can still "splash" out this money on needless things.


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POEtic Justice
It has become obvious to me that the local council does not fully understand how to spend money in the right way, just looking around the streets of Norwich is a clear indication of this. Even with brand new developments like the new market it was starting to break apart, even before it was open to the public, with slabs tilting, cracks in the concrete, etc. Just take a look at the new one way system along St. Augustine's Street, it has sustained so much damage in just a few months of use one can only wonder in awe why this is excepted by the council, but they do except it. They say they inspect the workmanship of the jobs they pay hard cash for, but this is obviously not the case. There seems to be a complete don't care attitude in Norwich, with money being wasted again and again in just trying to repair such problems that should have been done properly in the first place. In complete contrast, when it actually comes to spending just a fraction of the money they waste on some very basic needs for Norwich, they soon find an excuse and say they cannot fund it. This is only because the money has been wasted, nothing more, nothing less. I have often heard people say the council is a dumb as two short planks, in my opinion I think another plank should probably be added.
David H

It's more than an allegation Jimmy, they have done it; and to answer your question why, there is a page on the Norfolk County Council website that explains why and what they hope to achieve on the site. It all seems quite reasonable to me and they expect it to generate money for the County Council to support the services it provides to Norfolk residents.

Helen W
i would rather they use this site than spoil the countryside around Beeston St Andre This is a site that will just deteroiorate and become an eyesore it nothing is done about it
Heather Enid W
PJ, I'm not sure which of the things you mention come under the City Council, and which the County?

One of the biggest wastes of money is traffic lights on roundabouts, I'm sure we've all noticed how the jams are diminished on any occasion when those break down?

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