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I am researching the pedigree of Florence Edwards born 31-8-1902 and her mother born about 1864 or 1865.
If anyone is researching "Edwards" and they come accross either of the above I would be very grateful if they would email me on


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Anthony W
Where was Florence born, also have you fathers name so I can check 1911 census 4 u.
Anthony W
I found a Florence Edwards born 1903, in 1911 census she was an inmate at a Childrens Home at 83 Pottergate Street.
Can you give anymore details on Florence's parents.
Stanley C
Thankyou very much Anthony W.
I found that on Genes Reunited myself  and it the correct one but nowhere can I find her on births or at any other address.  I wondered if anyone had already done a family tree on the Edwards name and come accross Florence. Thanks again.
Anthony W
NRo038 Norwich Children's Homes and Children in Care, look for this on internet it may give you another direction

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