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BarryVP in Becontree
I got this idea from a friend actually, especially as I won't claim to be good at anything myself haha. But I've been doing it online with international friends and some offline, for a little while and so whether studying for exams, help with reading, writing, just going through work or something else.. I've been helping not just school children, actually usually people a lot older but if anyone needs or knows of anyone who you feel are struggling with reading, writing etc or something else, I am happy to help by email, or Skype or in person if they want. I know exams might not be on at the moment (I get confused talking to international friends who have exams different times to us!) but if there's any subject or area that you think I could help let me know and if I don't think I can, I'll at least find some useful websites to help you :) So as I say, any age at all, something I've been doing for a while really, just love trying to help people.

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