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Bulgaria and romania immigration 2014

With the eu relaxing immigration laws for these countries to enter the uk easier in 2014, what does it mean for the east anglia economy? it must be a positive if the government wants it to happen!?


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John R
Oh .......maybe we should take heed of the problem in France with many Romanians who have " settled " there and found the easiest way of earning a crust was to beg with a baby used as a prop for sympathy on the metro and/or / stealing from cars/ vans in the wholesale area of Paris  . These practices are well knows to anybody who has used the Paris metro or use the wholesale centre of Aubervilliers .
The French governement  even repatriated about 350 Romanians in 2010 and another 240 ish in 2012 AND gave each adult 300euros and each child 150 euros and what  happened ? well they simply stayed in Romania for a week or two and then came back to the land of plenty !   Of course some  "do gooders " were not happy but i suppose the traders whos vans had been robbed weren't over the moon either ,     I know this may not be politically correct but the truth is always the truth !
That sounds awful John. is there a place where you can find out facts and figures about immigration?
How ironic this should be raised on the day after the international holocaust memorial day.
Matthew G
Sorry you've lost me.  How does the possible impact on the local economy of the arrival of some Eastern Europeans have anything to do with remembering the Holocaust?
i'm lost as well SuffolkBoy1956.
I might be way off beam here and, if so, I apologise but, perhaps, SuffolkBoy1956
senses persecution.  Although that does seem a bit over the top.
John R
Hii lee and others ......i don't know any place for facts and figures but here are a couple of links to the stories published in the  papers !

Hope these links  help !
John R
I forgot to say that it is not just France that is having social problems with the Romanian immigration , Germany has also expelled some 500 since 2010 ,but i dont think they actually paid them 300 euros to go ,
What I see as ironic is this:  first of all, we have just had International Holocaust Memorial day, a day on which the people of Europe in particular are asked to remember the actions of Hitler and the Nazis against groups of people - including Gypsies and the Roma - who along with Jews were deported to concentration camps. Those individuals were selected based simply on their race, religion, parentage or  background. 

The following day, we're talking about what to do with Romanians.  In 2010 when Sarkozy organised the deportation of the Romanians back to their own country his action was likened to that of the Nazis.  

I'm not saying I disagree with the mass deportation of economically useless individuals  If only there were enough places in the world to send them to, I'm sure we could quite easily round-up  some of our own home-grown scroungers and wasters.

The point is that thanks to our own democratically appointed leaders, we now find ourselves part of the European community which it seems most people want to have nothing to do with.  An inclusive Europe may well prevent another Hitler.  But as part of that community we have to accept that we're all part of the "same family" whether that's Romanians, Bulgarians, Germans or English and whether the individuals are net economic contributors or net economic receivers.

Rather than slagging off whole nations of people who through no fault of their own have found themselves with the keys to the sweetie shop, perhaps we would be better off making it clear that we don't want to be part of Europe, and at the next opportunity, vote accordingly.
John R
Yes suffolkboy1956 i see the rather tentative link , but Sarko and Merkle were not sending people away to concentration camps , just paying them ( and they were happy to accept ) to go  back to their home country  as they were involved in illegal activities / behaviour in the host country .
It is indeed sad ,but europe cannot feed and house all the poor unfortunate people of the world without becoming poor and unfortunate ourselves.
As you say until things change in the U K  we have to accept that we are part of europe and accept it for what it is .
if this practice to send money home abroad has become normal practice can the government tax it so part of it goes back into the county?

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