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Has anyone yet engaged with the police commissioner elections?


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Hi Chris,  I am not sure how these posts are going to help on a more local level. Here in Woodbury we have enough problems trying to contact our local p.s.c.o.(she is spread out too far now) At approx £80,000 per year wouldn't it be better to put another copper or two on the streets? I have seen the candidates on t.v and apart from the one with a police career behind him, I really can't see how it will work but I am open minded about these things. I am concerned that it may be a paper and admin post. Or maybe they are thinking of privatisation? Just a thought!
I'm still waiting for a leaflet outlining the candidates and their proposals to appear through the letterbox!
Ann C
me too viv have had diddly squat here
Rosemary O
Well check out the websites guys!  There are 10 candidates, one each for Cons. Lab. LibDem and UKIP, then 6 independents, a couple of whom have experience having served as Chairmen of the Police Authority. Don't let your vote go to waste please, this whole shenanigins has cost a bomb.
Oh I have no intention of letting my vote go to waste, never fear! I have checked the website myself but am well aware of the number of people around who don't have access to (or want to find out how to use) the internet. As you point out, it has cost a bomb already - you would think someone would be responsible for ensuring that  ALL eligible voters are kept informed
Rosemary O
Good for you Viv.  All eligible voters would have been kept informed if this vote had been scheduled next May with the local elections.  No doubt someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but methinks Mr. Clegg is responsible for this particular daftness.
Ann C
i have had one leaflet through the door so far and thats it and well said viv
Nick M
We've voted for the only one who has actually BEEN a Policeman, although with politics the way they are in this area, it's bound to be a right winger who gets elected :-(
Turn out 16.35% in East Devon. Might have been better if people were better informed (or informed at all). I suspect that the lack of information will result in some people automatically making their mark against a political party (Tory?). I'm trying really hard not to turn this post into a political rant,  and I await the result with interest and trepidation.

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