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Can anyone recommend a local NHS Dentist ? Must be within a short bus ride from GY town center.


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Pop S
Plummers at Bradwell.  They have several other branches also.
Jackie F
Hopton Dental Practice. Bus stop right near it.
Paul A
A D P 116 Lowestoft Road, Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31 6NB01493 665933 ‎
Found these very good and great with kids.
Raymond P
theres a good one on lowestoft rd  which is the continuation of gorleston high st go up past the police station and towards the top of the hill on the right is a big white house and yes they were still taking on nhs when i was there last week you should be able to bring them up using google etc ive been with them for over twenty years best of luck ray p
Raymond P
personaly i would rather travel the extra couple of miles to gorleston if i was you
Paul A
Yes Raymond thats the ADP dentist.
Mandy C
I agree with Jackie F.  If you can manage to get there the Hopton Dental Practice is very good.
Richard L
Plummers on the Quay in Great Yarmouth (Not far from the Town Hall)are really good, and a short walk from the town centre
Jane S
You can have my appointment if you want it Tonia  lol
Tonia R inactive
Plummers aren't NHS and the rest are a bit far out. The going would be alright but I don't fancy coming back looking as if I've just lost all15 rounds with Mike Tyson :( I've been to PE Roos but they are deaf and I don't know much sign language, ha ha. I explained that although my teeth look good it doesn't stop them falling out, so I had some falsies made for Red Rum (they definately weren't for me). I've now got another tooth ready to fall out, and my bottom teeth are hanging on by a wing and a prayer. Plus they don't believe me when I say my tooth isn't numb and won't take others out until I turn up with my umpteenth absess. If I had the money I'd go back to Thorpe road in Norwich, go to sleep for half an hour and wake up when it's all over. Aah the good old days !
Tre W
I am 52 and have been petrified of dentists all my life. I would only see emergency dentists. At one point I got so bad I pulled my own tooth out. I had to go to the dentist again as an emergency with a hole in  my tooth, normally you go in, they ask whats wrong, you say please dont touch it and they stick that metal hook in it, but this time I saw Cheryl Frost in Hopton. She told me she would sort me out if I would give her a chance, she said I was making things worse by only seeing emergency  dentists and not trusting anyone. I am pleased to say, she didnt hurt me, I go back regular, all my children go there too, and so do my grandchildren. 
SHe is amazing and I am never scared to go.Good luck I hope you find a nice one xx
Tonia R inactive
From the bottom of my heart I thank you for suggestions, I have contacted Plummers and they still are not taking on new NHS patients. I will carry on taking my own teeth out until I've slowly saved up enough from my ESA to go back to Thorpe Road, Norwich as a private patient. With all the unemployed in GY youd've thought NHS would follow don't ya think ?
Tonia R inactive
Tre W, it's not that I'm petrified of Dentists per say, it was the chair (now they call them 'Lazy Boys'), I used to have a phobia of needles (that Dentists didn't understand) until a fortnight as an inmate at JPH put paid to that. My problems are : The bloody chair still, and lythocane and novacane. Whenever I am given either anaesthetic my nose and top lip goes numb but my gums don't. I'm reassured that I've been given a dose for an elephant, well that fills me with the confidence that I'm being treated by a bloody vet ! I'll be 52 on April 11 2013. I used to have to have agreement in place between Dentists and I, you hurt me I'll hurt you. I know this may sound harsh, but I've had Dentists put their knee on my chest to pull out a tooth, Dental nurses pin me down etc, never a pleasurable experience. It's better I'm knocked out for safety reasons.
Kerry G
Have you tried the one on Crown Road opposite St. Georges park ?? We us them and they are great x

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