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Curious Suffolk

Suffolk is being branded as the Curious County in an attempt to draw more tourists here.
It has been a contentious marketing line that has generated national debate.

Do you think Suffolk is Curious? What are your favourite visitor attractions, beauty spots and 'curious' locations?


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Trevor H
Link to very entertaining article on the subject from the Guardian - the comments are particularly amusing!
Natalie S
Is it Curious Trevor? How would you promote it to tourists?
Nat Bocking
There was a  twitterstorm about this and a really good pinterest page was produced
Mike F
I remember the reaction to this slogan, but all the alternatives that people produced seemed rather pallid in comparison. I think it is quite a clever choice. Last year or the year before I drove back from the Lake District to find the local paper saying what a tourist attraction Suffolk is (!). But Suffolk has its own quiet charm and the word curious seems to sum it up. Incidentally, one writer who caught that evanescent mood, that particular atmosphere was Margery Allingham. Although writing about North Essex, the two counties merge into one in places.
Jonny A
certainly its got plenty of "country boys gone wrong "
Zaax D
It definitely is. Just digging below the surface brings Romans Hoards and golden Viking tombs.
Tom C inactive
Suffolk, the most beautiful county in England ! There is nowhere else that can compare !! I've travelled a fair few miles in my life , and seen many wonderful places, but to come back here it's just an unexplainable joy ! Curious maybe, whatever one may title it ,I'm a Suffolk boy and I love it !! As to many country boys gone wrong ,(whatever is meant by that,)? There are many that have gone wrong anywhere!! Just wish that I could find a few Roman hoards in my garden or allotment!!

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