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Exmouth's Community radio station


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Andy G
I know the article says 15th for the beginning of the test transmissions but the transmitter is on NOW! Thank you to the guys at OFCOM! We are loving it on 106.4 :)
Caron Sprake
Fancy giving some air time to a Exmouth resident (me!) who has created a cool website designed for anyone caring for the the elderly. is less than a year old and one of its current challenges is to provide a wheelchair for an elderly woman in ....Nairobi ! All the info you need is on the site.

Many thanks. Caron
Andy G
If you get in touch with Julie at the station on I am sure she will give you the lowdown about getting some airtime. Any items that are to do with the community are more than welcome! That what BayFM is all about after all!
Andy G
...btw, I have shared a link on my Facebook page for you, as your site can only be of great help to people!
Hi Andy
Good luck with the Station. Unfortunately, I can't get it where I live (near the Seafront) so I can't tune in!
By the way, has Julie changed her (shared) mobile number, (- I've texted twice now, since the December Bay FM Sale, but no reply to either; I have to text, as the signal is rarely good enough to call!)?
Andy G
I have driven along the seafront and picked up the station loud and clear, and my car ariel is about as effective as a bent coat hanger!  The only place I had problems was the Orcombe Point end of Queens Drive..  but then, there is a whacking great cliff in the way!
Sorry Andy G, I thought you were Andy Green! Yes, I have been using that mobile number, but no joy - for some strange reason.
I'm pleased that you tried out the signal on the seafront road; sorry if I misled you, but I live on a road NEAR the seafront, but not on the seafront, where I'm sure the signal is much better.
Sadly, also, my mobile phone reception is SO bad here that I have to text, rather than call, people. I guess that's why I can't get Bay FM, but I can get "Palm", for some reason.

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