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I was interested to read in the Midweek Herald: Use It or Lose It: Your High Street Needs You. Why, I wonder, has permission been given in recent years for Lidl and now Aldi? That's hardly enouraging us to shop in the high street is it?


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Patricia C
I was discussing this with someone the other day who is a none driver.  Heathfield I.E. is too far for a lot of people to walk so to many it is effectivaly out of town shopping.
Anyone know if Aldi are definitely coming to Honiton. Slades is now a pile of rubble, but not heard for sure that Aldi are going in there. Any clues?
Lyn M
Pretty sure it's Aldi. Why do we need it? Who decided?
No idea, but if they improve the road junction at Turks Head as in the plans from 4 years ago, then this cannot be a bad thing, along with more local jobs. As for 'out of town shopping', why not send the town bus to Heathpark as we already have Argos, Homebase, Lidl & Countrywide, and Slades are there as well now.
Christopher C inactive
My opinion is, yes we do need it, anything to make Tesco buck up their ideas! When ever I am in Exeter I come back via Pinhoe and do a shop in Aldi and would shop there more often if it were nearer.

You all have a Jolly Christmas and a Healthy New Year. XOXO
Lyn M
Aldi is fine but how about using the local butchers, bakers etc. If we don't, the High Street will be full of even more charity shops or shops boarded up has happened in so many places.
Christopher C inactive
I do and always have done since we moved back here in 1999.  I  think that if Tesco's can't kill them off that Aldi is going to do it after all they will be Out of Town so to speak.
Trevor A
I will be using Aldi as an alternative to rip-off Tesco (why is their petrol dearer than other Tesco's?) and an alternative to Lidl, but will still use the Hight Street butchers, bakers, ironmongers etc as they provide quality which I am happy to pay that little extra for. I also think that the powers that be need to take a serious look at encouraging more market(?} traders to bring in trade, look at parking (on and off road), and generally spruce up the town. It is these issues that are killing off the high street!
Lyn M
High Street food shops can be cheaper and are certainly better quality. We have found the taste and quality of the meat from the butchers in town as well as the bread from the bakers far better than anything from the supermarkets. In fact since I have been using a butchers in town I am amazed at how reasonable the prices are. Honiton needs better signage at either end of town, particularly on the approach from Monkton. Have a look at the signs when you are driving in that direction... there is nothing to encourage anybody to stop in Honiton. There is a sign set back in a field which is barely visible and quite grubby.
Lyn M
Is it true we are going to have a Travelodge somewhere at Turks Head?
Jenny T
Hear hear and yet when it was mooted that Mary Portas might be engaged to help give the town some ideas for improvement we were told that Honiton was a vibrant and flourishing town. I don't think so!!
Jenny T
Last remark was addressed to Trevor A.
Josephine N
For two years now , with few exceptions I have been able to do ALL my Christmas shopping in the High Street  with its plethera of quality and reasonably priced gifts and food and friendly service.
However, and I am of course aware of the possible costs involved, I am disappointed with the the festive decorations. Looking down the length of the High street now that the trees are in place I'm afraid it does not look welcoming and the lights can hardly bee seen.
I have just returned from ten years living in what is considered to be one of the poorest departments of Northern France, yet passing through the smallest villages and towns is a delight at Christmas time and all paid for by the commune. They must have splashed out over the years and gradually built up a display of lights, and replaceable displays which are taken out and used every year even in the areas with few shops!  Honiton would surely benefit from similar displays which would make people want to stop and spend time enjoying the festive atmosphere and spending their money locally.  Its worth a thought even by the killjoys. Another idea has sprung to mind and then I'll stop. Consider opening empty shops and allowing local businesses to sponsor and  decorate the window space, perhaps  as a competition. That would encourage people to get out of their cars or use the bus service to see them.
Carol A
I have found that the hardware shop in the high street is much cheaper for light bulbs than anyone else in town and you can buy them one at a time! Also the personal service is excellent!
Lyn M
I remember years ago we needed quite a lot of DIY items and went to B&Q. As an experiment I checked the cost of the items we bought against the local shop in town. With the exception of the paint, the local shop was cheaper on all items. The big stores lure you in with some cost-price big items which makes you think everything is cheap but it's not the case at all. They rely on the fact that nobody knows the price of small things like a box of nails or rawlplugs etc. Try it yourself and you'll be amazed. Shopping locally is often cheaper. We found the same when we needed curtains. After trawling round Exeter shops we ended up in Honiton where, on one pair of curtains, we saved over £30 on exactly the same thing. Trouble is, the big shops know all the tricks to make you BELIEVE they are better value. Josephine N, your idea about the shop windows is brilliant. It would give local businesses an opportunity to advertise too.
Sharon P
Hi Trevor - the town market is becoming a separate trading company (to the town council) and I believe they are looking for people who are interested in helping developing it. Email

Re: sprucing up the town - have you heard about the project Transition Town Honiton is doing on New St If you have other ideas - join TTH and help make them happen! 

Josephine - you could contact the Chamber of Commerce to see if they need some help planning next year's Xmas displays etc. I know Wendy (Cookshop) is hoping to have a meeting of interested people in Jan if you pop in to see her


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