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Keeping the NHS public

Are you all aware Jeremy Hunt is trying to use new powers, hidden within last year's controversial NHS laws, to force local GPs to privatise more health services. Hunt is breaking promises made to MPs when NHS laws were voted through last year. Hunt's new regulations (Statutory Instrument 257 under Section 75 of the Health & Social Care Act 2012) are like a catalogue of our worst fears. GPs would have to open up every part of local health services to private companies, whether or not it’s what they or local people want. It would speed up the break up of the NHS, giving profit-hungry companies new rights to muscle in. If you want to keep the NHS public let your MP know.

Or you can sign a petition at there are only a couple of day’s left before it is delivered.


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108,100 signatures so far in a couple of day's, it would be good to get 150,000
Terry B
I can't find the website you said, Page not found is what it says
Terry B, it must be somethink to do with streetlife. If you type direct into your browser it works ok. There are now119882 signatures.
Terry B, if that does not work type direct into your browser, you will find the info on their home page
Barbara A
Have just added my name to the petition, did have to type the link in and had no problem.
The power of the internet is amazing, now 128,052 signatures in just a few day, s, they are hoping for 150, 000
Barbara A
When my friend gets here, she will sign it and post it on facebook.
Sylvia M
I have signed and posted a statement shared on FB had to go through the www.38degree connedtion though
Terry B
Just signed up Pamperboy C thankyou........
David W
How refreshing to read an article like this from some one who obviously cares about our public services.
By the time this government is finished we will have no public services at all, and like you I for one do not know how a minority government got a mandate for such whole sale changes.
We will have a country soon run by unelected companies which are not only incompetent but expensive an out of control like we already have in energy, the press, railways, food (horse eat suppliers), and prisons with the wonderful G4S, libraries the list is endless.It is high time that these services were taken back into control and used for the public benefit.
The first requisite to stop all this is to vote out the Tories at the first opportunity.
Well done for bringing this to every bodies attention and by the way I have signed the petition.
David W

Read this article, all is not lost but the pressure must be kept up.
Tony K
Do not want to get into a political debate but I have pictures of myself,  and other Trade Unionists on a demonstration in Lymington Hampshire. we were protesting against the first PFI built hospital being handed over to a private company to run. I think it was 2005. Labour was the ruling party then. In a report from Andrew Lansley he criticised the then labour government for PFI contracts that meant the National Health Service will have to pay private sector contractors an incredible £53 billion for hospitals worth only £8 billion. Yes those are the figures. 
Andrew Lansley who was the Shadow Health Secretary then describes the cost of the PFI deals as "complete lunacy." 
The report went on to say that private sector firms involved in the PFI projects will benefit from a massive 540% return on the initial agreement.
We have a choice between PFI under  labour or PFI under  conservative. Getting rid of the present administration will not get rid of PFI's. Our National health Service is not safe under any of the parties i am afraid. Keep getting your friends to sign the petition .
(We have a choice between PFI under  labour or PFI under  conservative. Getting rid of the present administration will not get rid of PFI's. Our National health Service is not safe under any of the parties i am afraid)

I found your comments really interesting Tony and agree totally with the above.  Trouble is when you get into political debate on sites like this one it can be 'never ending' and everyone's viewpoint is/should be respected, whether or not we agree.  :-)

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