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Job needed - Admin etc.


I am 33 with over 17 years of experience in administration and customer service primarily from a construction industry background but, can adapt to almost anything. I am seeking work, preferably within an office but, would consider other positions such as bar work or cleaning. If anyone knows of anything please let me know and  I will provide a CV. Thank you.


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Paula W
volunteer work may lead to a job
Jill C
I would but, I'm living alone so I really need an income urgently. :-(
Kei A
55,000 london based jobs here:  good luck.
Jill C
Thanks Kei, I've already had a few interested parties from gumtree contact me for interview. great website.
Kei A
Nice! :))) All the best Jill
George B inactive
Hello Jill,
I've just seen an advertisement for an administrator in the window of hotblackdesiato estate agency on Upper Street : : Perhaps your construction exp' is transferable to estate agency....
Jill C
Excellent, thanks George! I am going to apply straight away!!
George B inactive
A pleasure and I wish you good luck.

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