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Courses offered by the local college

I would like to encourage to  do the courses that the local college  runs.I have seen some really good ones.I have noticed if only a few people sign up to a course it will not run.Which is quite i encourage people to sign up to these course.


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Fred B
I started a course it was for ten weeks, ending in March.It was well attended. Alas having only done week two I found I was overqualified.  I was hoping to have a bit of fun, doing something I liked doing .Unknown to me it was a very basic course.They where telling and showing me things I have been doing and practicing for the last twenty five years.It was a disappointment. I made my apologies and told the instructor that I would not be back with my reasons.Now looking for something I know nothing about I Hope I don't come across as a big head I assure you I am not  I wanted to learn.
Juliet F
Dear Fred B

Your are not being big head.Your are just being honest.Maybe you should taught the class.If you want a more challanging course go to the Cit Lit which is near Holborn.I am sure you will find course that will challange you.I have found one and it starts in Febuary
Fred B
Juliet F. mmmm I am interested. Please post the details of the establishment on a reply Will look into it  thanks .
Juliet F
Hi Fred B
The establsihment is called City Lit
Juliet F
Dear Fred
You are welcome.We may  just bump into eachother

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