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Zebra Finches

Lorraine S in Blannicombe
I recued an unusual bird from almost being caught by a cat today in my garden.  I thought it seemed very tame as it didn't move away when I approached it like most wild birds do.

It lost a few feathers but otherwise seems unharmed by it's close encouter with the cat.  I am over nighting it in a box in a warm, dark place with something comfortable to lie on, food and water.

I understand these are usually kept as pets, rather than being wild birds, they are native of Australia.

If this beautiful little bird survives the night, I don't really want to let it go free if it's an escapee from an aviary a it won't have much chance of survival, especially in this cold weather.

Does anyone know of anyone who keeps birds who might be able to take this bird?  Or have advice about what I can do with it to make sure it has a good chance of survival?

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