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Black mould on bedroom walls

We have black mould on our bedroom wall which, I believe, could be very dangerous. I can find no entry in the Yellow Pages for mould treatment and removal : has anyone else experienced this problem and can they recommend anyone who can help?


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Anne V inactive
A very familiar plight!

I have given up on having the root cause acknowledged by my landlord (the whole house needs repointing so humidity is permeating the walls) and now just go around the house regularly (monthly), equipped with liquid beach in a spray and a surgical mask.  The walls are painted white, so bleach does a great job.  Fungus or chemicals, pick your poison!
I look forward to seeing alternative solutions posted on this thread.
Good luck!
Robin F inactive
Anne I  must try that bleach thing on my window sill. Patrick the cause could be so many things as well as pointing there is blocked down pipes, drains or gutters with moss
bridging against walls. Badly ventilated rooms with no airbricks or
trickle air vents that newer d/glazed windows have to help equalize the air
humidity/pressure. Builders drill a  vent hole through the wall and put a n open/shut grill on the wall of the
room I guess like an old air brick or DIY. Not always pretty though.
Pining Lass
The problem is condensation on the walls as I understand it, so as long as you have hot moist air meeting cold walls you will have a problem.
When we lived in France we had a VMC unit fitted (most houses out there do as Brittany is very damp). The system comprises a very slow running fan (which has an external extract) which is connected to pipes which draw air from each room. The air movement stops the damp.

I have seen them over here but cannot remember what they are called (the translation from the French is constant mechanical ventilation). Will Google and get back.
Me again. It's called System Ventilation. Try
Sidmouth Seagull inactive

We lived once in a 1960’s house and had problems with damp.  We had it repointed.

The built-in wardrobe in the child’s bedroom still smelt musty. The clothes in it did too! There were drainage pipes on the outside wall.  The only way round it was to get rid of the wardrobe and open everything up.

A utility room built onto the existing building (i.e. outside wall) we had to have the wall stripped and new damp proof course put in – this had black mould and the wallpaper would not adhere after a period.  The previous owners had “bridged” the damp proof course.

We had porch extension to the front - I watched the builders put in the damp proof course at the required height – guess what few years later we damp patch  in one corner.  I realised that it was due to the water table of the area – even though we were on a hill there had been springs nearby. 

I use to purchase everything to treat damp and it cost a fortune – I thought this new product would produce a miracle cure it didn’t.  I have every sympathy for you Patrick.

Patrick is your property built of bricks (i.e. traditional) or concrete structure?  The latter, I know of somebody in some local flats who have a humidifier to help - you are not alone in this problem.

Henry H inactive
I know it's going off the thread slightly... but how about grouting in a shower that is going an ugly grey colour? any solutions as to how to get the grouting back to white again? I have tried several bathroom cleaners none of which have had any impact. I'm beginning to wonder if it's something in the water reacting and turning the grouting grey (and it's white grouting on white tiles so looks grim).

I had a patch of black mould on the wall in my bedroom - it even started growing into the wardrobe infront of it and ruining stuff inside. It turned out that it was just the coldest place in my home so was the spot where all the moisture ended up. Once I scraped off the black stuff and a patch of wall paper, sprayed it with detol mould spray (from tesco) and made the room a bit warmer, the black mould has never come back.
Now I'm battling with the grouting in my shower...
Bill T inactive
thats possibly limescale buildup Henry H , i would suggest spraying it with viakal or the equivelent and leave it for half an hour  then wash it off:)
Henry H inactive
that's interesting- I never thought of limescale - will give it a go. thanks
Barnacle Bill
I don't think it's limescale Henry - more like mildew. We get this problem from time to time. Eventually the discolouration will go black as it takes hold - the best treatment by far is Domestos Grot Buster - a nice thick substance that you can train down the grout and it should do the trick.

Very thick bleach applied to run down the grout is also a good second reserve.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Henry H
You can purchase a grouting pen from B & Q or similar, just like a highlighter pen but white - easy to apply.  Then coat with a sealer - keeps the grouting looking good.
Henry H inactive
BB - where can I get the Domestos Grot Buster? tried Tesco in honiton but they didn't have it and haven't spotted it around town anywhere. any ideas?

Robin F inactive
Hi Henry, a quick google search shows Adsa, Pounland, Amazon and Ebay £4.99 free delivery here

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