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The youth of today!

Many thanks to the 4 young men that came to help us is the King's Head car park in Acle last night. We had returned to our car to find the battery flat and they did their best to get it started - pushing it through a wet and muddy car car. They could not have been more helpful - thank you so much.


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Caroline C
i think the young are ran down far too often by the older generations, there are some great young and helpful people in Acle
Doreen S
Strange thing is when people say adverse things about young people it usually excludes their children or grandchildren!
Caroline C
I don't actually know any of the young people who live in Acle, i am only saying what I observe when I am in Acle !   I just feel they are unjustly talked about, all the ones are have met are very polite.  Its the older OAP's that seem to be rude and inpolite, who often push ahead rudely in Acle Co-op.
Doreen S
They do say "actions speak plainer than words."  While we are on the subject I just love all those old sayings, they seem as relevant today as ever and there seems to be one, or often two, to fit any aspect of life..  "Cut your coat according to your cloth" would seem good advice in today's world.
Kate A
I quite agree - not enough emphasis on the ones who are well behaved, polite members of society.  I know 32 girls in this area who are a credit to their families, community, Queen and country - 1st Freethorpe Guides - plus all the other members in Acle District, Broadland Division, Norfolk County, Anglia Region and the UK as a whole.  Not to mention the other 8 million world-wide ...
Caroline C
when I walk my dogs in the mornings I find all the paper girls and boys very well behaved and polite too
Do we have any younger followers on Streetlife - if so how do the older generate behave towards you?
Caroline C
maybe Kate can get some of her Guides to comment

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