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Bowls outdoor

David F in Badgeney
Hi every one I am the President of the March & District Bowls Association
This season is my last term as President, this season I am handing out collecting boxes to the 18 clubs in the league for the Milton Children's Hospice CAMBS so if any one would like to visit any of the outdoor clubs to watch a game of bowls and make a donation you would be most welcome.
On finals day (date and venue to be confirmed) not only will there be the normal raffle, but I will be selling tickets for a Christmas Hamper to be drawn a week before the March & District Bowls Association AGM (date to be confirmed) All proceeds from this draw will go to Milton Children's Hospice, anyone and everyone will be more than welcome to come along on this day not just to part with money but to watch all the finalist play a game of bowls and children are most welcome accompanied buy an adult

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