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Just wanted to warn everyone to make sure they lock up sheds, out buildings etc as we had a break in last night.  A large amount of copper was taken amounting to approx £1500 which was money that was going towards my daughters wedding - she is very upset.  I'm annoyed that I had seen a white caged truck around lunch time and didn't take down the number plate.  As we are quite rural this sort of vehicle looked odd so make sure you all take care.
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Capel Mum
Thanks for the warning!
capel lady
Thanks for the warning. Hope the people who took your money derive no happiness from it. Sorry to hear you have had break in.
Teresa P
Thanks.  It's upsetting as my daughter's fiance had been storing his copper from his plumbing business at ours in order to save up some money for their wedding.  Such a pity for them as they had worked so hard and these people just took it.  I know its a long shot but I really hope the police trace them!
I'm with Upstix
Capel Mum
I know it doesn't put it right, but hopefully it is insured and you can at least get the value back?

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