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Great Storm

On Historic Ipswich (UK):

Remember the 'Great Storm of 1987'?

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John E
remember it well. just moved into our present home .a brick wall was down the large wooden gates were hanging off their hinges. A large pot of fuchia,s was rolling about out side our rear door .I ran down the garden with the pot of fuchia,s to the greenhouse at the bottom of our long garden. Just got back in doors , when we heard an almighty bang.A large old tree which was in the park had come down .right onb top of the greenhouse. completey flatening it .We were more worried about my son who had gone out doing his paper .he had done 3 paper rounds that day because some of the boys did nt turn up [understandebly] .... he told us when he got back  obout somebody complaining because the paper was late...
remember waking up and opening the curtains to see our green house mid flight across the garden!
Jackie E
Never forget it either! Remember driving home from work, terrified, up Valley Road as the trees were being uprooted!! Also lost a friend in a car accident that night. Very sad.
Michael H
Hi i remember it well i woke at just before 5am to the sound of my neighbour nailing back his window that had been blown from its hinges at the time i was a foreman for bennett and snare builders went to work to find are switchboard jammed with calls from panicted people had a word with the boss and we decided to go next door to our yard and buy every chainsaw they had that started 3 weeks of gangs of men cutting trees out of peoples houses mainly in the belstead road area one thing that sticks in my mind was the council asking us to assist in clearing stone lodge lane so i took my gang and we started from the belstead road end and the council men from the other side after about 3 days we met it was like the channel tunnel meeting the air around the area was full of the sounds of chainsaws which were like gold dust to get hold of and we were regulary offered up to £500.00 to sell ours all though i did earn alot of money in overtime at the time which i was glad of i did feel for the people as it was a very stressful time for those that had serious damage to there property and there was a lot of them
I am afraid I slept through it all.  I thought it was just the sound of rain against the window when in fact it was small trees being blown down along our road!  I can remember my boss arriving in work from Bury St Edmunds saying he was better off in Ipswich as he had no  power at his house.  We were so  lucky where we lived on Broke Hall Estate due to the position of our house we lost no tiles and suffered very minimal damage to our fences, whereas neighbours had lost ridge tiles and whole fences.

I can remember having to drive round the tree that had blocked half of Felixstowe Road and that many of my colleagues didn't make it in to work that day because the radio (Orwell?) told them to stay at home!
S F inactive
I woke to go to the loo during the night and found my husband sitting in the lounge in a state of shock, the living room ceiling had been sucked off as an upstairs window had been left open and the draught from the open fireplace caused it to happen, he had a lucky escape, he hadnt been able to sleep because of the wind so thought he'd sit downstairs listening to music on his headphones, think it made him jump a bit!  I'd slept through it all being a heavy sleeper, but the next day, my husband went outside wearing a crash helmet just in case a roof tile fell off, they were flying around everywhere, he did look funny though!
I can remember venturing out in the garden also wearing a crash helmet cos I was worried about roof tiles etc. Great minds and all that...

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