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Living in WEST HAM

Julie G in West Ham
I have lived in West Ham, for the past six years, and I have found it to be a very friendly area.
Great communication link, plenty courner shops/businesses that stay open to 11.00pm.
A stone throw one way to Stratford ( and all Stratford offers)   A bus stop ride to Upton Park,the home of West Ham Football club and stadium also the market and many glamerouse stores.  Alternaty there is the Green Way, leading to the Olympic Park, or to Memorial Park, and Hermit Road park/adventure playgroud.
Newham Hospital within 5 mins
Transport Police station 2mins walk West Ham station so not too bad on streets.
Post Office facilities.
Rugby club, football field's/clubs.
Many nurseries/schools.

All in, not a bad place to live.

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