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Dagenham Sunday Market

What are your opinions on the Dagenham Sunday Market, when was the last time you went, what do you think might make it better. Whats your view on the stalls there. 

Feedback please.


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Christine M
only ever been once and never again- much too crowded, having to battle through people and kids [on bikes and scooters!] and dogs, why on earth do people insist on tacking dogs? they don't enjoy it, get trampled on and shoved about -close proximity with other dogs mean fights break out, surely the owners can't concentrate on what they are looking at, it baffles me.
Also such a long walk to/from buses, ok for people with their own transport I suppose but for us without, especially older people it is a very unpleasant experience.
Or maybe it's just me.
Dawn S
I don't go there now, there's lots of fake goods there and last time I went it was a pick pockets paradise.
Linda B
I think they should ban taking dogs to this market. I don't go anymore as I can't stand to see the dogs panting for air in the hot weather. The ground is concrete in places and that makes it even hotter for the dogs. Dogs are best left at home on a hot day especially at midday when the sun is at its hottest. The local Animal Wardens (they are part of the Environmental Health Department at the local council) should be doing something about this. Try reporting it to them. Or why dont the people who organise the market ban people taking dogs?
Linda H
Well the last time that I went which was a few years ago, I went to buy some boots but all the boots had stiletto heels on, not very practicable for every day use like shopping or walking. I thought that there was were too many stalls selling the same items, the clothes seem to be more for teenagers or grannies nothing in between. And travelling there is a pain.
Dee S
havent been there Dagenham market  for at least 5 years agree with other comments its crowded and awful, much prefer the market at North Weald airfield on a Sat, its bigger, better controlled,easy to park and same items are a little cheaper there. In the summer we would buy at the market a cooked chicken & salad & fruit, take water to wash the salad etc, move over to where you can see the small aircraft take off & land and have a picnic.Havent done that in a long time now though hubby too ill.
Steve H
Well if you want some dodgy fags full of rat S**T and cheap tacky counterfeit goods away you go the place is a den of pickpockets and Del Boy people ripping you off roll up roll up dodgy trainers anyone.
Dee S
some people never learn, hubby was in hospital with a guy boasting about as soon as got home he was going to Dag market for his cheap fags, that programme had then been recently on tv showing how they make the cheap fags & what went in them, everyone on the ward warned him dont do it but he said he did not care the price was right, and he was there in hosp for chest complications, I wonder why ?
Christine M
Glad so many people agree with my comments, at least I know it's not just me being a grumpy old woman.
Dee S
Christine I love being a grumpy old woman, I cant wait for the day in the not so far future when I can insult who I like and my immediate embarassed family will have to say "isnt gran a scream" ! because they wont be able to apologise enough.One day .......
Nick B inactive
I went once, hoping to find some stalls selling fruit & veg, wholefoods etc. - I think I found one butcher and around 100 burger pitches.
Sally H
I havnt been in ages but did go to North Weald, which was very depleted! I think markets are a tough way to make a living esp with this cold weather!
John M
went last sunday , and sad to say but what a dive , not nice , nothing of interest , more of a dog show , lol walking around showing off there dogs , not what it use to be , like a proper market , so dont think i will be going for a long while .
Linda H
As we are on the subject of markets my sister goes to Pitsea market and she was saying that there is hardly any stalls there anymore, we were also saying how good the market at Canvey Island used to be, but that is gone now.
Dee S
I am beginning to think that markets have had their day, younger generation want genuine designer stuff not cheap imitations any more, I think Sunday markets were great when the trading laws were different and shops closed on Sunday, but this doesnt apply anymore.How do people feel about boot sales ?
Derry S
I also think that Amazon and Ebay have killed off markets,besides the markets of today do sell old tat...You can get so many bargains on Ebay.I have bought quite a few things and have been very happy with the products.Online shopping seem's to be the new shopping now
Dawn S
Pitsea market is like that as they're redeveloping the area. All the stalls have now moved to Basildon market. Even the deli shops moved there, they were the ones that told us what was happening.
Dee S
I used to like a trip out to Basildon for shopping and their market wasnt bad either, but the shops I liked have all closed except for QD stores and petrol being the pice it is I dont bother anymore.

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