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Tai Chi classes

is anyone interested in doing tai chi in the city centre, daytime or evening?
 Tai Chi is a Chinese system that blends meditation and movement and much more. it has been shown to be beneficial for many health conditions, and is a relaxing and invigorating pastime.

gentle yet progressive, we are hoping to get a new class started in king street.
What do you think?


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Stuart M
would like that sounds like something worthwhile doing
Dee S
I could be interested, any dates or costs yet? Let me know please.
We have enough people to start a Tuesday evening group at the Anteros building, Fyfe bridge street, first lesson on the 5th February.
We should be able to keep costs down to £5.0 per lesson

Also need a few more people for the morning lesson in king street, if anyone is interested please let s know.
Sorry thats Fye Bridge Street, opposite the mischief pub.

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