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Aldi/Heartsease PH and Parking Charge Notices('tickets')

Bruce B in Postwick
Does any one shop at the Aldi store on Plumstead Road? If so you might know that the car park there is partly 'managed' by Parking Eye, for Aldi and Norfolk Parking Enforcement for the Heartsease PH.
Has any one gotten a ticket from either of these private parking companies?
If so I hope you did not part with your hard earned money and paid them!
Please know that these companies can not fine you. Their tickets mimic Penalty Charge Notices one can get from the council for instance. The private parking companies tickets can be and should be ignored. They can obtain your details from the DVLA(they pay the DVLA £2.50)if you do not contect them. However, whatever threats they make(debt collectors, solicitors letters threatening court) you can safely ignore them all. Please do so. Do not become a victim of what is really a scam!

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