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does anyone know where i can get my videos transfered onto dvd?


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If you've got a lot to do it might be worth investing in a vhs to dvd recorder. Try looking at eBay maybe....
Sarah C
Yes! In Colchester, by the hospital, a gentleman there does things like that. He put a 30 year old tape recording of my children as little children talking, onto a dvd. I'm sure he could do that for you. It;s called "Moving Memories" and the telephone number is 01206 842607.
Lewis L
I believe that Penny Lane Computers in Dales Road, Ipswich do these transfers.
Lewis L
Have just seen an advert in The Oldie magazine offering any tape copied to DVD for £10.
Lynne M
thankyou very much for all your comments they are very helpful i will get in touch with the people you have told me about and see which one is best for me
S here
If you have a video player and PC you can buy a kit for about £20 copy your video to your PC then burn to disc takes  over an hour to copy but worth it
Jane R
just a normal dvd player that records.....when you watch the video save it to the hard drive and then it takes about 10 mins to copy to dvd....easy
Oladapo David Bendele O
what these items called to record video into dvd on the computter hard drive pls costing cheap one

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