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BT broadband

North Lowestoft:-Are you experiencing slower BT Broadband, I've noticed around a 75% speed drop in the last week, could this be down to Norfolk's upgrade, are we loosing out or have lost out?


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Kathie J
Yes, thought so. One or two months ago my iplayer downloads were going very quickly. Now they are at a snails pace!
My Broadband speed is between 0.6 and 0.8MB!
Granddad Patrick
My download speed is under 35 kb/sec at best.....
Frankie A
It's not only BT I am on AOL/Talk Talk and I am experiencing the same started about two weeks ago. Have also noticed network 3 phone reception got worse at the same time.
Tried to find out the cause to no avail, if anyone can come up with a suggestion woul be grateful.
Martin M
I am with talk talk and have been having slower connection for about 2/3 weeks now. Keep having to refresh.Is this caused by internet connection or my computer?I
Frankie A
It is the Internet and wifi output. For some reason everybody in the area that I have spoken to is having trouble with their connection.
Margaret B
Our broadband is always slow = can't watch any catch-up TV as it just keeps buffering and even some YouTube videos are unwatchable. We only went onto broadband in August 2011 at home. Prior to that we had a business in central Lowestoft and the speed was fine and no problems with videos or TV shows. At home (CC) we were told it is because we are more than 3 miles from exchange is the reason for the slowness. I can't say it has got any worse in the last few weeks. We are having the new one fitted next week so let's hope we will get decent broadband speed at last. We are with BT.
I have noticed a problem with Vodafone signals. Again we are not in a good area but recently the signal has been cutting out a lot or going suddenly from full signal to 1 bar, to 3 bars to full signal etc. It has been bad since I had a mobile but is worse lately.
Frankie A
I put in a severe complaint to BT who have just notified that they are renewing the line and pole near my house within the next ten days.
How about that for a result , they obviously run a line test or the like.
It's bad enough that we are five years behind the rest of the country. Even remote place in Cornwall and Devon have fibre optic and faster broadband.
Sleepy hollow Lowestoft.
Richard M
I think there may be hope, I live in Oulton and my speed is around 2Mg, but a friend round the corner has just been put on BT Infinity. I Have spoke to BT and they can't be sure but checking on line it suggest 31st December 2012. I was told to check again then. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Roger A.P.
I live in Carlton Colville, and  recently spoke to a BT engineer who was working on one of the new green boxes (at the end of Long Road.) He said I should be able to get fibre optic where I live, and when I checked with BT, he was right!. It's being installed on December 14th, estimated speed 44Mg. Costs more, so I haven't told the Chancellor of the Exchequer indoors, but it should be worth it.
Granddad Patrick
Seems like most explanations are that BT is renewing/installing new lines, which I would imagine is effecting all networks as I believe they all use BT lines. I would like to see a local BT engine make a comment! there must be some in Lowestoft or maybe they know there is no real guarantee of  anonymity!! after all they are on the inside! One would assume that BT would have made some kind of announcement or maybe they thought the public would just accept or not notice. I have spent wasted time on checking my computer, router connection and broadband speed, when a simple notification from BT would have removed my concerns!!!
Mike B
Its so slow up here , I had to take Pro plus whilst waiting for an Email from a friend .
Granddad Patrick
Things seem to be picking up but still getting buffering, just not so much or as long.
Lilian O
BTs contractors have recently changed the telegraph poles and connections at the top of Rounces Lane and immediatley thereafter I  had good Broadband speeds but with warnings of excesive power surge although this now seems to have been sorted.  BT internet speeds have within the last few days deteriorated again and my computer keeps sticking (not sure if this is the computer or line input problems).

Fibre Optics cable is in Carlton Colville (according to the Engineer)  from Cap26 (not sure what this means tho). 
Frankie A
It's absolutely pathetic that it's nearly 2013 and here we are in Lowestoft struggling to get a whole meg download speed and the rest of land are taking high speed, fibre optic and super broadband for granted. We are no better of than the old dial up system in fact that system was probably faster than what we are getting now but they still charge they same for a rubbish service.
As for wifi it should stand for Without It For Infinity.
Surely there must be some watchdog office we can contact for over charging for under service delivery.
Absolutely pathetic.
Roger A.P.
We can get fibre optic in carlton - BT are installing it tomorrow. They quote 44meg for where I live (near the bypass.) I'll let you know what I actually get later on!

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