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free haircut

If anyone is looking for a free wash,cut and blow dry,call the crop shop norwich,press option 5 for the academy model appointments.Very good service,sometimes takes a little longer than a usual cut but they are students learning a skill.I have always been very pleased with the results.Does anyone have any other freebies they can suggest?


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Marion F
Not quite a reply to that bu concerns the Crop Shop Norwich and wondered if anyone had any comments/advice? Have been in Norwich since July, had 2 haircuts there and it was fine, they did exactly what I asked for. However 3 weeks ago I went again and a different girl as usual and I asked what I aslways ask, all I want is to cut/trim the thickness at the top and back of my hair(have thick/wavy hair)leave the length at the back and the bit at sides/along ears. She did the opposite and cut it very short, I wear glasses and take these off, so can't really see what's being done and she even went over some after with  a razor type thing, which freaked me out   a bit! I was quite upset after, though friends said it wasn't that much shorter, but I can feel it is, even 3 weeks after, which is unusual. My hair has never grown properly long since I was a child(now 51)so I like  a little bit of length at the back, don't care what hairdressers think, it's MY  hair, I also have a weird litlle lump on one ear and wanted a bit of hair for winter to protect it  a bit! This has now put me off going back and now need to find an ordinary old fashioned hairdressers that just cuts your hair, makes me laugh as I should be a really easy customer, don't want much and it takes most good hairdressers a really short time to do what I want, easy money!
Juliet M
I went to the crop shop a couple of years ago and I will never go back as one side of my hair had been cut alot shorter than the other and I went to another hairdressers to have it corrected.
Paula H
I go to Crop Shop, it is bit hit and miss. One girl took 40 minutes to complete!
Another cut it right up the back when I wanted a bob. I was heartbroken as there is nothing you can do once it's cut.
I went there last Saturday and the girl did it exactly as I wanted and I am extremely pleased.

However, the obnoxious owner of the place should be sued for health and safety as where you have to wait on a chair at the top of a few steps, has no hand rail and is very difficult to negotiate as there is a 2ft drop if you slip up there.
He, by the way is only unpleasant, rude person there.
I can't comment on the Crop Shop's student cutting performance, but can thoroughly recommend Anglian Academy of Hairdressing's finishing school on London Street (premises above Subway).   I had a £5 cut and blow dry and it was superb.  I got exactly what I wanted and student, Lauren was guided through every stage by one of the academies top stylists.  They are open for business from Wednesday to Friday for cuts, colours and barbering call 01603 305884; prices vary depending on who cuts, colours etc.   Professional Beauty Academy in Brooke 01508 550029 likes to keep a database of people who can spare free time for beauty modelling for the students - Nice bit of pampering if you have the time. 
Michael S
does anyone want to cut my hair at home in exchange for a photographic portrait.
Mike Sutton

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