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Hi everyone from the Around Littletown area, just a line to say hallo, this is my first time posting on the site. I live on Yallop Way and am keen to be involved with issues discussed. I was prompted to comment because I am watching a TV program at the moment about litter and remembered a while back a local litter pick was being organised, is anyone planning to do another one soon, if so please let me know, by for now John.


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Patricia C
Hi John welcome, Yes Sharon Pavey organised a litter pick about a month ago I think.  She is on Streetlife too.
If you are intersted there is a Waste Not want not event on Ist Sat in March, where you take unwanted items that would go to landfill and it goes to a new home. Patricia C
Sharon P
Hi John, welcome to the site. I organised the litter pick a few weeks ago. Here's my blog about it and some pics 

I've still got lots of bags, tabards etc and can get the hand operated litter picker-uppers from East Devon council if you want to do one up your way. Can you ask friends and neighbours to help? Email me

All the best, Sharon 

P.S. The next Sustainable Saturday is Sat 2nd March at the Mackarness Hall - it includes a Waste Not Want Not table and a Clothes Swap stall plus a Seed Giveaway and plant raffle - as it is Climate Week - that's all organised by Transition Town Honiton
John P
Thanks for the info Sharon

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