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family pic.3 Old Ipswich. Waveney road

My mother Edna Potter standing outside 24 Waveney road with her younger brother where she was born in 1925. Year unknown but approx  1933


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Hayley J
what marvellous snippets of history andy,my parents were living in waveney road when i was born in 1966 and we stayed there till i was 7.
Robin M
My first house was in Waveney Road. paid  £30'000 in 1997...what a difference a few years make hey!, I wonder what the price was in 1933?
Andy A inactive
My mothers uncle Frank Potter lived right at the other end of Waveney road and brought up five daughters there during the late 1920s and 1930s. He spent his career in the Ipswich Police force and lived in Waveney road until his death in the early 60s. Sadly there is no one alive on my mothers side of the family (my mother is now  88 and has dementia) so i can no longer verify any details of family history. I only have memories of what I was told when younger.
Andy A inactive
Yes Robin  M prices seem totally crazy in relation to earnings nowadays. If I recall correctly, my grandmother said they had enough savings along with the sale of the Waveney road house around about 1935, to put a substantial deposit on a house in Bennett road Ipswich and that the Waveney   road house cost about £800.  Even in the mid 1960s when I was looking to buy a house, the upper price range I could afford for a three bedroom house in St Johns road was £3000 (three thousand pounds) and that  was on an excellent salary ( for those times ) of £20 a week. !
Andy A inactive
As a side issue to property prices in the 1940s  ( the war years) houses in the Ipswich area ( as in all other areas ) were an average of £500 for two or three bedroom terrace. Many people didnt buy houses during these times for fear of losing them to war time bombing. However one of the best kept secrets of those times  ( the small print was impossible to understand .Nothing changes ) was the fact that loss of property due to bombing would be compensated under insurance. So the property dealers were buying up houses left right and center and made massive profits.
Robin M
I wonder what level prices will be in 2066? mind blowing i suspect.
Mind you i wont be around then unless I do reach my mid 90's!
James M
You're right that insurance would have paid out... but people at that time believed there was a real possibility that the Nazis would invade the UK, so it wasn't just bomb damage they were afraid of, it was the economy collapsing and invasion.  Why buy a house when it could be on the bullet-riddled front line in 6 months?

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