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Private make-up lessons for beginners

Dori N in Barnsbury

I am an experienced make-up artist who is happy to give private make-up lessons for beginners or for those who are uncertain about something and don’t know who to ask from - which brush should be used for what, which lipstick would suit them, how to use eyeliners, which is their foundation colour, where to put the blush colour and where the highlighter, etc.

We can try many styles, moods, celebrity make-ups using my make-up kit and then I can teach you step-by-step how to create the look you feel the most confident with. If you’d like I can even help you when you’re buying new beauty products so that you can be sure to be getting the best tools, colours and textures.

All this I can offer for £11 per hour, plus travel expenses (public transport).

If it sounds good fun, please contact me on 07451157128 or!


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