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Guess what? Got an email back from the Cromer Parish Council saying its the County councils job to sort out the gritting!! But it was them said its the parish council! whats going on, I think its called passing the buck


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David P
That's correct. Highway related matters are the responsibility of Norfolk County Council and not a town or parish council.
Roger K
Not passing the buck, simply delegation.  Normal practice.
Simon R
Sorry I was wrong what I said earlier about the gritting, they dumped a lot of grit at the top of compit hills where I live, and then went, without gritting anywhere else, useless!
Jann V
Re:  Mount Street, Cromer

Are you aware that Mount Street will be closed for roadworks from the 28/1/13?  There is no mention of a diversion - given the fact that as everyone knows Cromer has a ridiculous one way system.
David P
Diversion signs will be put up by the county council before the 28/01/13 but the route will be Norwich Road to Vicarage Road to Cone Road to The Croft and into Louden Road. During the work, the traffic flow in Bond Street will be reversed.
David P
@Barry M - looks like you just beat me to it!
Jann V
Are these side roads going to be gritted?

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