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Swansea council's £1 shop at Llansamlet recycling centre

Every item is sold for £1 with proceeds going to educational charities.
A spokesman said: "This is another way to reduce the amount going in to landfill."
Workers at the tip ask people bringing stuff to dump if they have anything which is in good enough condition to pass on.

Fruitgum thinks this is a really good idea lets do it in Ipswich


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Hayley J
Totally agree with your fruitgum,lets do it here.
Spotty Dog
Sounds like a good idea but judging by the amount of reasonable stuff I've seen dumped at Foxhall, they'll soon have the biggest shop in town. I doubt the council will want to pay staff to manage such a shop or "health and safety" will prevent it. They've  already had the yard brooms removed because they were a safety risk!!
Jean G
i think its a brilliant idea but as the above said i bet ipswich wouldnt do it .i work in a charity shop and some of the stuff we have bought in is good but not big items of furniture just small things but other peoples junk is somebodyy elses drem !
Kathie J
Wow, fab idea! The council could always pay the wage for this extra work first, then the rest to charity?
Kathie J
My hubby just told me they do sell stuff at our sites, he has bought golf clubs! Not sure what the proceeds are used for?
Mr Fruitgum
That explains when a bloke was unloading a bike he did not want and said I could have it a bloke from the dump said that it is their property now as the wheels had touched the floor there for I would get done for theft if I took it even though the owner was standing there holding it still. I even explained that my daughter had just had hers nicked a week ago now I know why he would not let me take it from the owner. Yes I wonder where the monies go if they flog stuff? Any one know
Kathie J
What!! Where was this? You should have just took it, council are not going to spend money taking that to court! Yes, where does that money go?
Wendy A
I thought they weren't allowed to sell stuff anymore at the Ipswich recycling areas.
Kathie J
Which then means he may as well have wanted it to sell himself! You should have reported him Mr Fruitgum!
Kathie J
Apparently, regardless of whether the wheels were on the floor or not, it was the guys bike until he completely relinquishes it Mr Fruitgum and if he had decided to give it to you then there was no crime!
Spotty Dog
Kathy J, you would think that to be the case but I've been told by staff at Portman Road that people cannot even give you something from their car to yours while you are on the premises, you have to do those transactions outside of the site. Now whether that is the council's rules or the staff's individual interpretation I wouldn't know.
Kathie J
It sounds all very dodgy to me!
Mr Fruitgum
Has any one else brought stuff from the dump recently?
Lee K
They are not allowed to sell anything from the dumps anymore they are not even allowed to take things for themselves for fear of instant dismissal I know of one guy that got dismissed on the spot for taking something if you notice at places like foxhall it says "working in partnership with suffolk county council" the companies running the dumps are commercial entities that make money on things that are disposed of as far as im aware noone really has a problem if someone asks someone else for something they are dumping ive had loads of people ask me for things and noone says anything as far as something touching the ground then belongs to them what a load of codswallop get the other person to put it in your car and if anyone has a problem tell them to call the police and they would be laughed at its not legally theirs until you deposit it in the bin or container and leave the site, i'll ask about their policy on this next time I go but surely giving something to someone else is recycling is it not ? better someone else gets use out of something than it gets put in landfill or gets crushed for scrap. The things that people throw away amazes me though it really is incredible, Swansea council seem to have someone with brains who actually came up with a good idea for once a rare occurance with councils these days methinks
Mr Fruitgum
Lee K thanks for that could you feed back once you have found out their policy and stuff touching the ground. Ive just had a thought if I take something out of my boot put it on the ground then decide I do not want to get rid of it then in their books I am committing theft. Yeah I think I got mugged over :-(
Sheila B
It always amazes me at the  sort of stuff people throw away, especially when they are clearing a departed ones home.  I had a antique shop for many years and people often used to look at things and say they wish they had asked  me   before dumping some of their things.  If I gave someone a £5 note and told them to put it in the bin they would think I was completly mad, well people are doing just that every day. It does not cost to ask!

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