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does  anybody know who carved the suberb fox at the entrance to catton park?


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Fiona W
I'm afraid I don't but I know it was the same person who carved all the other birds etc in the woods.  If you ask Matt ( the Park Warden) he'll be able to tell you.
The carvings are done by a chap called  Ben Loughrill.
Doreen P
I have just seen a real fox strolling across the Lionwood school  premises.
This was around 4 30 pm and people were walking past the fence. This was a lovely sight.
Ali C
You can see Fox's running around the Streets and Gardens of Sprowston most nights, and sometimes during the day.
Tchenka S
and around the alleyways of clarendon/neville/grosvenor - at 4.30 in the afternoon yesterday
Karen T
I have foxes in my garden every day ...around 4.30am/5.15am....male and female...few years back brought there 2 cubs in 1 morning ..such a lovely sight..and yes i do feed them and the Birds ...infact any wild life that comes in ..thay have a regular routine ..come in garden , feed then go up the close , back down the road , then back into where thay sleep.....
Keith R
I raised this question myself titled and the warden replied - search ' fox carving.'
It is excellent. No room for error as it is carved from a tree stump.
I must say the Park looks great in the snow - it is just a pity it causes so much chaos in this country.

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