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Why don't people help their neighbours anymore

Peter D in Exmouth
Some of the changes start off with us (sometimes we have to become the solution).  A lot of people are shy, or may feel insecure, and we need to start befriending people.  You can start off by saying hello to your neighbours.  Take time to show a real interest in people.
Occasionally you might invite your neighbours round.
I regularly talk to my neighbours, and often offer to help them with practical issues around the house.
Often I might spend 10 minutes talking to my neighbours outside my flat, taking time to see how they are, and offering to help them.
By spending quality time with our neighbours, we make them feel special, and they become our friends.
A lot of people have been hurt by others, through the things which have been said.
Having been through a lot of suffering myself, I try to see things from both sides, and understand the feelings of others.
When there is a problem, I look at myself before judging others, as we all have our off days.
Lots of people have lost their confidence, and we can help repair the damage, as we look for opportunities to recognise their good points, always giving praise where it's due (it does not cost you anything, but it's a real blessing to the person receiving the praise and a real encouragement to excel in that area).

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