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Jive Class

Is any body interested in a beginners Jive Class I am organising.  I have 2 fantastic Jive Teachers on standby and have a venue provisionally booked in the N10/N8 area. I currently have 10 couples interested but need 3 more couples to cover the costs. If I can get enough poeple interested the class with be every Thursday for 5 weeks from 26 Feb.8.30 until 10.  It's a great opportunity to learn to Jive in a small group. 


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Anna S
I'd love to come. I haven't got a partner though, is that a problem?
Lindsay F
Hi Anna

Unfortunately Anna you would need a partner.  The reason I want to set this class up is because I was fed up of going to classes and not really being able to dance with my partner. How about you try and convice a friend to come, it could be a girl friend.  
Anna S
Ok, I will!
When do you need to know by?
Lindsay F
By the middle of next week please Anna. If I don't get enough people I might have to give up the idea.  The price t thee moment is £10 each.  I don't mind putting some in more money myself,  if we don't get 13 couples. Also you would need to commit to 5 weeks., so that I can ensure the costs are covered. I'll be relly sorry if I have to pull the plug on it becasue most of the people I have are really keen.  It's a great opportunity. 
Most of the people live in my street and they are a great bunch.  It'll be a good laugh.
Anjali H
Ah I would love to come, but not available in the evenings until March really. Would never be able to convince my hubby to come though. Is it £10 per adult, per class?
Lindsay F
Hi there.

It's £10 per adult per class but you have to commit to 5 weeks, so £50 for the course per person.  the course runs from 28 February to 28 March. So I assume you won't be able to do it . What a shame.  Any chance of you changing your plans? If you think you can convince your husband - I'm sure you can.
Anjali H
I'm tied up with the Alice rehearsals at the moment but we'll see. Do wish you the very best with it- it sounds like fun! Not sure if it's a similar thing, but I saw the Jiving Lindy Hoppers perform at a Glenn Miller concert 2 years ago and they were so full of energy they made you want to get up and dance!
Lindsay F
It's similar, although I think Lindy is much more energetic. Let me know if you can work something out.
Oh this is something we are both looking to do. How do i sign up? Within the class will we learn a routine? As i love our 1st dance at our wedding. Please could u let me know more about the class
Lindsay F
Hi Chrissie

I'm not exactly sure what the dance teachers have in store for us. I'm sure if we advance quickly enough we will do a routine. I don't see why not as the class is relatively small.  I decided to set the class up as the I want to dance with my partner and the few classes I've been to because of the lack of men you have to rotate, which means you end up either sitting out or dancing with women and men you don't know.  The teachers often maintain that it is the best way to learn as you get used to different styes but I disagree. Surely it must be quicker to learn with the same person.  Especially a beginners class.  I could give you my number or direct email if you like but I'm not sure of the etiquette. If every one I've got on board commits I am only one couple away from getting the 13 couples I need to cover the cost. However if I don't get another couple I'm happy to pay the extra. Are you happy to pay for the 5 weeks in advance?  

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