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Marie Levaux in Barnham
Just to inform you all that my husband was mugged just after 5 p.m. Yesterday by 4 foreign men, he believed they spoke in either Lithuanian or Russian. They slammed him into the railing by the Minstergate underpass on the Abbey side and stole his mobile phone. He grabbed one of them but the fellow shouted to his 3 friends who turned back, so my husband let the man go.

Please be aware and warn your family and friends to be vigilant, but also not to try to take them on if they do rob you as you are likely to end up fighting all of them. I am grateful my husband saw sense but angry that people think they have a right to do this.

I am not demonising any foreigners and had they been British I would have also included that in the description, just identifying this particular group so that people can watch out for them. Common sense says be vigilant with everyone, especially when they are in groups.

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