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Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Feel good co-operative in Abbey Wood
You can give your mum something that is relaxing and enjoyable, but also great for her health.

The Feel Good Co-op offer treatment vouchers for a very affordable £12.50 for a one hour session at one of our treatment locations.  The treatments we offer include:

Massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu

Treatment Locatons:
For anyone:
Waterways Children's Centre, Southwood Road Thamesmead SE28 8EZ

For people registered as patients at the following Health Centres:
Lakeside Yarnton Way
Gallions Reach Bentham Road
Bulbanks Battle Road

We also offer mobile treatments at a cost of £25 for an hour.

Contact us at        Tel: 07908034081  for more information

Our prices will be rising soon, so buying a voucher now means you can still take advantage of the lower charge as the voucher is redeemable for 6months from the date of issue.

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