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Closure of neat west

In the 8 years we have lived here this will be the third bank to close in favour of Holt or Cromer. In a town of this size, not to mention summer visitors, it is ridiculous to leave us with just two atm's and one bank.


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Barry M
nationwide closed Cromer just as I moved here ...
Susan C
I have had to move banks several times due to closures of agencies and branches. The people who make these decisions do not consider the human element, they look at a map, see the distance between towns nd wrongly presume it is not a problem. The age of the population, poor and expensive public transport / high fuel costs do not enter the equation, it is all focused on the bottom line. I am soon to move gain, my account at a local high street bank has been 'sold' along with many others, due to rules and regulations. A trip to Holt just to bank cheques is not feasible, so I am soon to move again, anther account number and despite assurances that the bank manages the change it is never totally straightforward. : ( .
Denis H
nationwide closing when it did was a big error on there part~I and others complained bitterly all to no avail~needless to say i closed all my  accounts and credit cards and went elsewhere~and so did many others~now  there ads are saying ~ where here for you ! 

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