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Noticed that this forum reaches 248 people, please others post.  It is lovely to read other opinions and news.

Nobody knows who you are...............and you reading this must be thinking same old Seagull etc.


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Anne V inactive
Mrs Seagull,  sorry, slightly off topic:  The thread where you predicted that it would disappear did disappear, didn't it...?  :o

Back to topic: I suspect a lot of people are busy enough chatting on Facebook where the moderation is in the hands of the users therefore no time-wasters are tolerated.  
Methinks the anonymity actually encourages trolling.  Just my two penn'orth. :)

Less of the old, seagulls are pretty much ageless!  Thank goodness you're keeping the forum alive with your chatty threads, it would be a very dead place indeed without your contributions.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
And Yours, and Barnacles and Tell It Like It Is and Pining Lass, Hibou etc. Sidford Pete and anyone else who posts - trulyscumptious - love that name.
I enjoy the posts - especially if it is about Sidmouth.

My top was not local and the moderators removed it because it was not local conversation - at least I know now.  I had mentioned Barnstaple and 'Any Questions' last weekend.  But at least I know.  It was Streetlife who moved it.

Thanks again to Mathew - I had not thought of contacting them before.

This is local conversations.
Sidford Pete
Yes Seagull,It is good to hear people talking about the area we live in,the more the better. Hear on the News we could have snow today!! see you on the ski slope

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