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I think I have a water leak and need a really reliable decent plumber.....

Hello lovely people of Lowestoft.
The water board have insisted that I must have a leak because their water meters do not go wrong. My water consumption has doubled since July 2011 according to the meter although nothing has changed in my household? I can not find a leak anywhere and have had my radiators and loo investigated. The increase seems to have happened from around the time the builders of the Orbit houses in St Margarets Rd smashed up the concrete near my road.
I find it hard to believe that a leak equal to double or more of my consumption is not glaringly obvious but they insist that is what I must have so I need to find it.  Please can someone recommend a decent qualified chap or lady that can assist me to find out what is happening in my property. Thanks. (the meter is going round slightly when I am not using water for ages and it did stop last time I turned my mains off)


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Don't worry about the meter going round slightly when you are not using it, as this is pretty normal as things like toilet systems and any storage tanks can take an eternity to fill right up. I take it your meter is on the boundary of your property? If you turned off your internal stop tap and the meter stopped it definitely rules out a leak, other than there being a leak on your central heating, I spent many years investigating this type of thing   and it can take an eternity to come up with an answer. Is there any possibility of you being on a shared supply? Have you had anyone else staying at your property at the time your consumption increased? Do you have any storage tanks in your attic?    I firmly believe meters can go wrong, but proving it can be so difficult, the company I worked would test the meter for £30 which you had to pay if it didn't prove faulty. 
 I can only advise but I can't come and assist as I live in Norwich,
Vicky A
I've used Gas Care a couple of times and been happy with their service and costs. They're in the back of the advertiser 01502 558006, based in Oulton Broad. Good luck, it's a stressful thing to have to sort!
Rodger W
Eddie on 07748334072, the plumber 567714.(cheap as chips) try water board 1st to check meter ok?
Susan Q
Hi my daughters fiancee is a great plumber. His name is A Chambers 07780973786. He doesn't need to advertise as it is all word of mouth, and he is very busy, because he is so good. Good luck

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