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I think I have a water leak and need a really reliable decent plumber.....

JT in Blundeston
Hello lovely people of Lowestoft.
The water board have insisted that I must have a leak because their water meters do not go wrong. My water consumption has doubled since July 2011 according to the meter although nothing has changed in my household? I can not find a leak anywhere and have had my radiators and loo investigated. The increase seems to have happened from around the time the builders of the Orbit houses in St Margarets Rd smashed up the concrete near my road.
I find it hard to believe that a leak equal to double or more of my consumption is not glaringly obvious but they insist that is what I must have so I need to find it.  Please can someone recommend a decent qualified chap or lady that can assist me to find out what is happening in my property. Thanks. (the meter is going round slightly when I am not using water for ages and it did stop last time I turned my mains off)

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