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Virgina Gardens ,barkingside

Is anyone else annoyed that the tickets machines are not working again, 2 machines in the road are out of order, which means you have to leave your children in the car and walk into the swimming pool car park to use that one. I have complained to Redbridge,but havent recieved a answer.


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Simon A
I have parked there several times Traffic wardens have told me whilst the two machines are out of order you do not need a ticket.

I have never had a penalty notice there nor seen anyone else get one whilst these machines gave been out of order.

So you should be ok. Just check each time you park there that both machines are out of order still.

Darren G
If you are worried, and you have a camera phone, always take a photo of the machines to indicate that they are not working, make sure that you date/time stamp and geocode any pictures taken.

That way if you do get a fine you have evidence that the machines are not working. 

If you do get a ticket the folks at pepipoo will help you contest it.

Part of the traffic wardens duty is to check the ticket machine before any tickets are issued, and they are not supposed to issue tickets if the machines are out of order
Matt G
Hi Sarah,

if this is happening often and the Council are not answering your queries then you should probably write to you local councillor who can take it up on your behalf. If you email me at I can find out who best to approach or you can look on line at the website.
Sarah A
Hi, Thanks for that info ,will look into it

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