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Strange smell

Anyone noticed a strange smell? Noticed it in town, up at Waitrose and back down where we live off Temple Street. Bit like gas so is it anything to do with the gas pipe replacement works taking place in town?


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Anne V inactive
Just been to town and no such smell...

I wonder if the local farmers have started spraying their fields with natural fertilizers?  That does carry a long way and is not always easy to 'pinpoint' as to what it is.  

The natural fertilizer packed upon each bedding in Blackmore Gardens last year was heavy on avian manure, enough to make me nauseous.
Tom Putt
The smell is coming from France!  

There has been a leak of the 'essential oil' that is used to add to natural gas (which has no smell) so we are aware of gas leaking into the air around us.

I did wonder about that but thought it had only affected the south east. Seems like it is now coming our way.
David A inactive
Have you had a bath lately ?????
Barnacle Bill
It originates from a site in Rouen and affected the South East of England - there is an easterly element in our air flow and that would bring a little of it towards us in the South West.

Nothing to worry about - so 'they' say!
Anne V inactive
Trust ‘them’ to have a leak that smells bad, would have welcome fumes from La Chocolatière instead.  ;)
Truly Scrumptious
Last night Mr. Scrumptious c/o gas smell on leaving the house. Rang the emergency number and was told by a very nice young man that it may be the 'smell' from France but they would sent a crew to check even so.. Very good service! Apparently, they normally have about 7000 emergency calls but that evening had 35000 yet he was so charming and helpful
well it has gone now anyway! And that is not because I had a shower this morning David A, duh!
David H
i could smell it on tuesday whilst walking from waitrose to sidford down the hill... the smell was similar to the smell of burning potassium chlorate that you get in smoke bombs... couldnt help but think maybe some kids were mucking around with some smoke bombs somewhere... at least that clears it up...

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