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Travel Problem Monitor

ESTA are now maintaining a monitor of problems that have been experienced by local bus and train users in the East Suffolk area. If you have been affected by the failure of a local bus or train operator to deliver the specified service (e.g. cancellation, early or significantly late running, missed connections, fare issues etc) then please let us know by email or post.

You can forward details to:
or by post to:             ESTA monitor
                               3 Bury Hill
                               Suffolk  IP12 1LF


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David L
transport around lowestoft where would we start lol
Nat Bocking
David L LOL indeed and so fixing it starts by reporting the incidents with what, where and when. Thoroughly compiled reports can become the basis of discussions between passenger groups and the operators, giving the users the upper hand. They can, if need be, also be sent to the Traffic Commissioners and when persistent problems are identified, they have the power to withdraw operators licenses. One late bus isn't going to concern the traffic commissioner but if  ESTA can show with reliable evidence there is a persistent problem with a particular operator, things can be done.

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